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Will Ed Miliband Beat David Cameron For U.K. Prime Minister?

The election for Prime Minister of the U.K. is this week, and both Miliband and Cameron are neck and neck. Come Friday, will Miliband be the new Prime Minister?

67% of writers and pundits say no
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Will Ed Miliband Beat David Cameron For U.K. Prime Minister?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Will Ed Miliband Beat David Cameron For U.K. Prime Minister?"
last 24 hours | ibtimes.c
Election 2015: Polls still neck-and-neck as Miliband and Cameron enter final ... - International Business Times UK
"...Unveiling a limestone slab on which were written Labour's six key election pledges he promised to have it installed in Downing Street if Labour win. On social media the stunt was widely mocked, the stone described as Labour's tombstone...." see full article

1384 days ago | dailymail.c
Labour lead but voters still prefer Dave to Ed: Result on a knife-edge as polls give conflicting messages 

"...But when the Election is seen as a head-to-head contest between Cameron and Miliband, the Prime Minister comes out ahead...." see full article

1384 days ago |
British election: UK's Ed Miliband sets promises in stone, rivals laugh
"...Critics of the stunt said it risked looking like an election gimmick that could ultimately backfire and damage Mr Miliband, whose 'geeky' image and leadership abilities have been attacked by rivals throughout the election campaign...." see full article

1384 days ago | theguardian
Ed Miliband's carved pledges could sink like a stone

"...Of all the stunts, in all the towns In one of the tightest elections in 50 years, which looks set to be won by the party leader the public mistrusts the least, Ed Miliband has just raised the stupidity bar still higher...." see full article

1384 days ago | independent.c
General Election 2015: With more options to form a government, Miliband should win this campaign
"...I still think it is more than likely that Miliband will be PM after this week. He is likely to have more options than Cameron to form a government. But if Miliband loses, he should go. At 45, he may be five years older than William Hague was when the Conservative Party under his leadership lost the 2001 general election, but he is still young enough to follow in the Tory's footsteps and have an admirable Cabinet campaign after a period away from Westminster perhaps in the international arena...." see full article

1384 days ago | theguardian
Pink, passionate Cameron or lusty Miliband? Can I be a leader too? - The Guardian

"...The implication is that, if he really wants us to believe that he's passionate, David Cameron needs to maintain his current berserk enthusiasm for everything until the day he dies. Which, judging by how dangerously sweaty and pink all this pretend passion makes him, could be any day now...." see full article

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