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Will Having George W. Bush As A Brother Hurt Jeb?

Jeb Bush is most likely running for President, and would be the third Bush in the White House if he wins. But will having GWB as his brother hurt Jeb's chances?

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Will Having George W. Bush As A Brother Hurt Jeb?  

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last 24 hours | inquisitr
Will Jeb Bush Be Able To Win Over George W. Bush's Supporters? - The Inquisitr
"...At first glance, it seems like a silly question. After all, it would seem that Jeb Bush and George W. Bush would have similar politics and positions on issues: They're representatives of the same political party, and perhaps more telling, they're both representatives of the Bush political dynasty.But as the New York Times reported Monday, Jeb Bush is having more trouble gaining support from members of George W. Bush's former team than one might expect. Peter Baker wrote as follows for the New York Times...." see full article

1233 days ago | telegraph.c
Does Jeb Bush even really want to be US president? -
"...So why did Jeb hem and haw so much over a question that couldn't have surprised him? The Bushes are famous for family loyalty, and one can understand how fraternal fidelity might make it difficult for him to rebuke his brother's legacy...." see full article

1251 days ago | ibtimes
Election 2016: Jeb Bush Faces Questions About George W. Bush Record On ... - International Business Times
"...The likely U.S. presidential candidate in 2016 -- and, in fact, any onlooker -- could have predicted that he'd be asked about his brother George W. Bush's decision to launch a pre-emptive war. But the former Florida governor's fumbling response succeeded only in keeping the issue going...." see full article

1251 days ago | cnn
Jeb Bush's challenge: Family loyalty - CNN

"...As he has explored a run for president from his unique vantage point as the son and brother of former presidents, Bush's last name -- rather than his position on immigration or the Common Core -- is proving to be his biggest challenge. Time and again, he has been caught between the political necessity to differentiate himself from President George W. Bush and what appears to be an instinct to protect him...." see full article

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1252 days ago | thedailybeast
Why Jeb Bush Had to Ditch Dubya - Daily Beast

"...But here's the bottom line: Jeb has to really distance himself from his brother, albeit in some respectable manner, if he wants to be president. He needs to show us how he's different, what he'd do differently, and where he and his brother diverge on issues both foreign and domestic...." see full article

1252 days ago | thehill
Jeb Bush, the new Dan Quayle? - The Hill (blog)

"...On the other hand, after the week from hell that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) has just created for himself, I am convinced that there is a great analogy between the Jeb Bush that runs for president in 2016 and the Dan Quayle that ran for vice president in 1988. Quayle was fundamentally a good guy, and a reasonably decent senator more than was given credit for (even though I usually disagreed with him)...." see full article

1252 days ago | nysun
Why George W. Bush Is the Best Adviser For Jeb Bush on Israel - New York Sun
"...The uproar over Jeb Bush's attempt to find his footing on whether we should have fought the Iraq war fails to eclipse the good news that his most influential adviser on Israel is his brother George...." see full article

1253 days ago | cnn
Jeb 'W.' Bush carries loyalty to his brother too far - CNN

"...John Ellis Bush seems hellbent on reprising his brother's debacles. Call him Jeb W. Bush. What's next -- Dick Cheney as veep? A dog named Barney? A "Mission Accomplished" banner?..." see full article

1254 days ago | salon
George W. Bush is on the ballot: How Sheldon Adelson convinced Jeb to run for ... - Salon

"...George W. Bush's disastrous foreign policy remains popular with monied Republicans, who think U.S. interests are best promoted by protecting Israel and punishing Iran. Bush knew that, but thought he had to finesse his ties to his brother for a variety of reasons: worry about being tarnished by his legacy, concern that Americans don't like dynasties, that three Bush presidents in 24 years was unseemly...." see full article

1256 days ago | washingtonpost
One of Jeb Bushs top advisers on Israel: George W. Bush

"...Embracing George W. Bush as a foreign-policy confidant is a risky and unexpected move for the former Florida governor as he readies for a likely presidential bid. ..." see full article

1257 days ago | washingtonpost
The world according to Jeb Bush

"...Far from running from or playing down the views once expressed by his brother George W. Bush, Jeb Bush is embracing them and emphasizing them...." see full article

1257 days ago | washingtonpost
Why George W. Bush could help Jeb Bush in 2016

"...Americans' distaste for political dynasties is overblown. The Fix has argued this before -- repeatedly, in fact. The idea that persuadable people really aren't going to vote for a Clinton again or a Bush again because of their familial connections just isn't really borne out by any polling...." see full article

1257 days ago | rawstory
George W. Bush record as president casts long shadow over potential Jeb Bush campaign

"...One of his biggest challenges is defending, or deflecting, his brother's national security policies. George W. Bush left office in 2009 deeply unpopular, largely because of American involvement in the Iraq War...." see full article

1257 days ago | rt
George W. Bush is one of Jeb Bushs top advisers on Israel
" any potential presidential run for Jeb Bush will likely involve addressing the fact that his brother remains extremely unpopular, particularly when it comes to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and Middle Eastern policy in general...." see full article

1257 days ago | cnn
Jeb: George W. Bush is a top foreign policy adviser - CNN

"...The comment came as a shock to some who were in the room because Jeb, a likely presidential contender, has taken pains to publicly distance himself from his brother and his controversial policies, particularly in that area of the world...." see full article

1259 days ago | usnews
Dems Ready Attack on Jeb Bush - U.S. News & World Report (blog)

"...and it's based on attacking his record as Florida governor, tarnishing him with the unpopular policies of his brother, former President George W. Bush, and portraying him as a politician rooted in the past, not looking toward the future...." see full article

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