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Will Ireland Pass Their Gay Marriage Law?

Ireland voters are set to go to the polls to vote on gay marriage. Will the socially conservative country be the first to approve gay marriage country-wide?

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Will Ireland Pass Their Gay Marriage Law?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Will Ireland Pass Their Gay Marriage Law?"
last 24 hours | nytimes
Catholic Church Ponders Future After Same-Sex Marriage Vote in Ireland - New York Times

"...The shift didn't happen overnight. After Ireland broke from Britain in 1922, it was a virtual colony to the Vatican, a theocracy in all but name.John Charles McQuaid, the longtime archbishop of Dublin, played a central role in drafting Ireland's Constitution before he became archbishop, hewing to conservative church doctrine and closely involving himself in details as small as the placement of commas in the document. That kind of unchecked dominance by the church continued for decades.In 1979, more than one million people turned out for Pope John Paul II's visit to Dublin, a staggering crowd in a country with a population of about 3.4 million at the time. In 1983, by a two-thirds majority, Ireland hewed to church teachings and passed a referendum outlawing abortion except in cases where a mother's life was at risk, after a divisive campaign...." see full article

1333 days ago | politico
A Landslide for Gay Marriage in Ireland

"...It's clear that this result is the death knell for the Church as the moral arbiter in people's lives in Ireland. In 1995, Ireland legalized divorce by referendum, but that vote only passed by 9,000 votes. In the intervening years, the Catholic Church in Ireland has had their moral credibility obliterated by a litany of reports that detailed shocking and sadistic abuse carried out by priests and nuns upon some of the most vulnerable in society. The referendum confirms finally what has long been known: the Catholic Church will never again be the dominant institution of Irish life...." see full article

1334 days ago | independen
Gay's postbag and Ireland's prayers for the 'perverts' - Irish Independent
"...There was compassion here and there in the correspondence, and some degree of live and let live, but it wasn't in any way as present in volume or passion as the argument for shutting up and shutting out homosexuality in Ireland...." see full article

1341 days ago | washingtonpost
Author Colm Tóibín on Ireland's gay marriage vote: Nobody is invisible - Washington Post (blog)

"...And I suppose the other reason is that there is no great opposition to this. It's not as if the church has come all out with money and a big campaign. I mean, the church is opposed, but in a very quiet, decent way. So it's been a very successful campaign in that we have been able to make our case to our own nation. And win or lose it, at least we are all out in the open now. The debate is clear. There is nobody invisible. There is nobody afraid. There is nobody feeling that the best place for me would be the closet. And we could win...." see full article

1341 days ago | washingtonpost
Ireland could be first nation to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote - Washington Post

"...The government backs a yes vote, as do all the significant political parties, the major media organizations, unions and business groups. The yes campaign has also won support from sports stars and even some dissident clerics. ..." see full article

1341 days ago | christiantoday
Ireland's same-sex marriage referendum: What you need to know - ChristianToday
"...However, the widespread support for gay relationships and the very public opposition of the Church has driven another wedge between the Catholic Church and what was once the most religious population in Europe...." see full article

1344 days ago | bloomberg
Twitter Riles Irish Catholics as Companies Favorite Gay Marriage - Bloomberg
"...All the biggest political parties are backing a yes vote, along with business groups and some of the country's music and sports stars, such as Irish soccer team captain Robbie Keane and former Irish rugby captain Brian O'Driscoll...." see full article

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