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Will Kevin McCarthy Succeed John Boehner As Speaker?

After the shocking resignation of Speaker of the House John Boehner, many are looking for the next to replace him. Currently, California Congressman Kevin McCarthy is the leading name being mentioned. Will McCarthy be the next Speaker?

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Will Kevin McCarthy Succeed John Boehner As Speaker?   

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I think his recent blunders and his apparent inability to speak in clear sentences (see recent episodes of Rachel Maddow) make him a non-starter.
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last 24 hours | nytimes
Can Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker Favorite, Go From Buddy to Boss? - New York Times

"...Mr. McCarthy's moves point to an uncomfortable problem: Many of the qualities that have led to his meteoric rise during a mere eight years in Congress may be liabilities should he be chosen to wield the speaker's gavel, as is widely expected to happen next Thursday. His success has been his personality, said Representative John Carter, Republican of Texas. Nonetheless, he said, There has to be a strong hand somewhere in this because it is like herding cats over here. In perhaps an effort to show that he can lead on tough votes, Mr. McCarthy voted Wednesday for a short-term measure to keep the government's lights on, even though the majority of his party voted against it...." see full article

1233 days ago | politico
GOP's future may rest on untested McCarthy-McConnell relationship - Politico

"...But that's about to change, as McCarthy faces little more than token opposition to become the next House speaker amid a major GOP leadership scramble set off by Boehner's surprise resignation announcement last week. I do know Kevin, McConnell told reporters on Tuesday. We have a good relationship, and obviously I and [other Republican leaders] will be working with whatever team the House ultimately selects. With Boehner, McConnell had a partner who shared similar broad goals and challenges: a pragmatist who liked to cut deals and get things done, even while facing a loud and restive conservative flank. McConnell has learned to maneuver around those hard-right forces, helped in part by the Senate's institutional rules and loyal allies, while those same conservative forces helped trigger Boehner's decision to step down at the end of October...." see full article

1233 days ago | washingtonpost
Dear Kevin McCarthy: You almost certainly will fail as House speaker - Washington Post

"...Lost amid all of the focus on finding out who McCarthy really is and what he plans to do with his newfound power is this pesky little reality: It's virtually certain that McCarthy (or anyone else who succeeds Boehner) will, eventually, find him- or herself caught between the so-called "establishment" and "tea party" wings of the Republican party. Caught, that is, between a group of pols who want to fight for their priorities but understand that compromise requires, well, compromise, and those who believe any form of compromise is tantamount to capitulation.This is a group of House Republicans who can't be led. Heck, it's more than that: It's a group of House Republicans who don't want to be led. Not by Boehner, and almost certainly not by McCarthy...." see full article

1236 days ago | nytimes
Kevin McCarthy Expected to Seek Speaker John Boehners Post in House

"...Even with Mr. Boehner's backing, Mr. McCarthy could face some obstacles, including a potential challenge from the party's conservative wing and his own relative inexperience. Mr. McCarthy, who was first elected to the House in 2006 and is serving his fifth term, would be the least experienced speaker in more than a century, since Charles Frederick Crisp, Democrat of Georgia, took the post in 1891 having served just four terms...." see full article

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1238 days ago | washingtonpost
Meet Kevin McCarthy, the potential next speaker of the House

"...It's not clear who might give McCarthy a serious challenge at this point, and Boehner, in his resignation press conference, assured that McCarthy would make a good speaker and spoke about him as if he would become speaker.Pros for being speaker: As noted above, McCarthy is well-liked among Republicans, which has helped him rise so high so quickly...." see full article

1238 days ago | vox
Kevin McCarthy will (probably) be the next House speaker. The real race may be for No. 2.

"...McCarthy wouldn't necessarily be the first choice of conservative rebels who have given Boehner so many headaches over the last four years. But right now, they don't really have anyone who is prepared to go toe to toe with him for the speakership. Instead, members of the conservative Freedom Caucus are likely to focus on getting one of their own elevated to majority leader, the No. 2 spot in the GOP hierarchy.If they succeed, it could give them a lot of leverage over McCarthy after he takes the speaker's gavel. Because if McCarthy doesn't toe the conservative line during legislative fights in 2016, conservatives will have someone lined up to replace him when a new Congress starts in January 2017...." see full article

1238 days ago | latimes
Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield appears to be in line to succeed John Boehner as speaker
"...U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy is the odds-on favorite to become the second House speaker from California in less than a decade, a remarkable run of clout for the nation's largest state.But McCarthy, a Bakersfield Republican expected to succeed Speaker John A. Boehner as the most powerful figure in Congress, must overcome a daunting array of political challenges if he is to succeed where Boehner failed.Like the outgoing speaker, McCarthy will face a Republican insurgency in the House that could thwart his leadership.McCarthy, 50, also will face stiff head winds back home in liberal California as he pursues an agenda at odds with that of the state's Democratic leaders...." see full article

1238 days ago | dailynews
Next in line? Rep. Kevin McCarthy is realist with conservative appeal
"...Like Boehner, McCarthy is a realist. But conservatives frustrated with Boehner's willingness to strike deals with Democrats see an ally in McCarthy, who cut his teeth as an aide to powerful former Rep. Bill Thomas, whose seat he easily won in 2006. Kevin has done a great job of reaching out to conservatives, said Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-S.C., among those who helped push Boehner out. It's fair to say that if Kevin were to run he would be able to draw votes from across the conference. ..." see full article

1238 days ago | blogs.wsj
John Boehners Resignation and Kevin McCarthys Centrist Instincts
"...House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Mr. Boehner's likely successor as speaker, is no more conservative than Mr. Boehner himself. (If anything, Mr. McCarthy's political biography suggests even more of a centrist deal-making instinct than Mr. Boehner has.) The immediate question is whether he will be accepted by House conservatives and what he will have to promise them to gain their support.The new speaker will then face existential decisions on an almost daily basis whether to capitulate to the newly empowered conservative base in his caucus in which case the House will simply cease to function or to defy expectations by pushing back at that bloc, in which case he will be deposed in an even uglier fashion than Mr. Boehner...." see full article

1238 days ago | mercurynews
Silicon Valley would welcome McCarthy as new House speaker
"...House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, has shown boundless ambition and enjoyed a meteoric rise since his election to the Assembly in 2002 and to the House in 2006. Now 50, he could be a few weeks away from becoming the most powerful lawmaker in the land and second in the line of succession to the Oval Office behind Vice President Joe Biden.Serving only his fifth term, McCarthy would be the least experienced speaker in more than a century. It's a "House of Cards" rise worthy of Frank Underwood, a role for which McCarthy famously helped actor Kevin Spacey prepare...." see full article

1238 days ago | politico
McCarthy's ascent

"...Later this fall, the 50-year-old Bakersfield native is expected to complete what can only be described as one of the most historic climbs to power in U.S. political history. The former deli owner turned Capitol Hill aide turned lawmaker will be third in line to the presidency, behind Barack Obama and Joe Biden. He is only 15 years removed from his first run for public office: a trustee for the Kern Community College District.McCarthy hasn't officially announced his bid for House speaker, wanting to give John Boehner (R-Ohio) space to celebrate his tenure. But his circle of allies moved swiftly to consolidate support for McCarthy. They are all describing McCarthy as a "healer" and "unifier" who can bring together the fractured Republican conference after the devisive infighting that plagued Boehner's speakership...." see full article

1238 days ago | weeklystandard
Speaker Apparent

"...One of the knocks against Boehner is that he wasn't conservative enough for what is a very conservative group of House Republicans. By virtue of his leadership role, the same is assumed of McCarthy. I believe in the individual, McCarthy told me in an interview in his Capitol Hill office Thursday. I believe in an individual's right to determine his own outcome. McCarthy says the government telling individuals how to live their lives goes against everything I philosophically believe. In his words, his own personal story is an example of the sort of individualist conservatism the GOP espouses. McCarthy took jobs in college to pay his way through school. On a road trip to visit friends at another school in San Diego, he stopped in a gas station and bought a lottery ticket on a whim. He won $5000, dropped out of school, and used the money to open his own deli...." see full article

1238 days ago | bloomberg
Can Kevin McCarthy Buck History to Become House Speaker?
"...McCarthy might not be the first choice of restive party hard-liners who chronically attacked Boehner as speaker,  but the 50-year-old he does enjoy the advantages of leadership incumbency, a well-funded leadership PAC that he's used to help the elect the members who will be voting for him, and time spent building relationships throughout the Republican conference...." see full article

1238 days ago | washingtonpost
McCarthy tops ticket in House Republican leadership free-for-all

"...The man best positioned to replace him, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), is solidly within the GOP mainstream and is considered by his colleagues to be ideologically and temperamentally simpatico with the outgoing speaker.That persona and Boehner's informal blessing bestows McCarthy with a powerful base of support but could leave him ill-equipped to bridge the increasingly sharp differences between establishment Republicans and hard-line conservatives...." see full article

1238 days ago | rollcall
McCarthy Profile: Genial Party Loyalist Rose Quickly
"...McCarthy's rapid rise in the GOP leadership strengthens his candidacy, though he isn't a shoo-in. For one thing, he's not a member of the Republican Study Committee, the largest bloc of House conservatives, chaired by potential rival Steve Scalise of Louisiana, who succeeded McCarthy as House Majority Whip.Conservatives could also strike an alliance with McCarthy in which he takes the speakership and one of their own, such as House Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio or Ra l R. Labrador of Idaho, becomes majority leader...." see full article

1238 days ago | huffingtonpost
Boehner's Departure Won't Make Congress Better, But It Could Make It Worse

"...The most likely candidate for that post is House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). The California Republican straddles the line between the party's establishment and conservative wings. Boehner all but endorsed him during his press conference on Friday, and conservatives also appear to be open to him taking over -- but only if he guarantees he will shake things up. I don't think the conservative wing of the party has enough mass to get one of our own elected; we certainly have enough mass to influence the outcome, Mulvaney said.  Whether McCarthy will rise to those expectations is another question entirely. Among Democrats on the Hill and in the White House, the impression is that he won't actually operate all that differently from Boehner. One top leadership aide said McCarthy was largely restricted in how much he could do...." see full article

1238 days ago | bostonglobe
A reminder about Boehner: Hes no moderate
"...In the race for a new speaker, one early front-runner seems to be the current House majority leader and second in command, Kevin McCarthy. Yet McCarthy's voting record is actually less conservative than Boehner's.Now, perhaps McCarthy excels in other areas vital to success as a speaker: forging alliances, mastering House rules, and finding workable compromises. But judging from his record alone, it's hard to see why he would have an easier time speaking for his full party.This leaves Republicans with a difficult choice. Either they vote for a speaker in the Boehner mold, who will keep conservatives in check and reach out for Democratic help when necessary. Or they elect a speaker who better reflects the rightward drift of the party, even if that raises the risk of a serious political crisis, like a protracted government shutdown...." see full article

1238 days ago | slate
What Republicans Need From Their Next Speaker

"...House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has the inside track, as he is well-liked across the party. He's also considered something of a lightweight, who sees himself more as a political tactician than a legislative visionary. As of now the only Republican who could wrest the speaker's gavel from McCarthy is Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and the congressional GOP's most creative policy thinker. But Ryan has explicitly ruled himself out from contention, presumably because becoming speaker would be a thankless ordeal that would distract him the work of crafting conservative domestic policy legislation. Jeb Hensarling, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, is said to be considering a run at the top job, or a run for majority leader if McCarthy moves up the ladder. ..." see full article

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