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Will Mad Men Be Remembered As One Of The Greats?

Mad Men is coming to an end, and we must say goodbye to Don Draper and Roger Sterling. Will the esteemed drama be remembered as one of the greats, such as Breaking Bad and The Sopranos?

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Will Mad Men Be Remembered As One Of The Greats?  

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last 24 hours | forbes
Does The End Of Mad Men Mark The End Of Ads Too? - Forbes
"...That's what makes Mad Men important. Not just the internal content of the show, but its very existence, and the business model on which its existence depends. Matthew Weiner wanted to do Mad Men before he did The Sopranos, but the finances didn't work out. Instead, David Chase recruited him for The Sopranos on the premium channel HBO. The Soprano's business model (as opposed to the Sopranos' business model) ran on voluntary payments for service. No ads. It did well for HBO, causing an influx of subscribers (including the Bowyers) who bought HBO just for that one series. Eventually we, and much of the fan base, dropped even that level of aggregation and simply bought new seasons at Best Buy. For the final two seasons, even that level of aggregation gave way to buying seasons on Amazon...." see full article

1326 days ago | psmag
Don Draper and the Pursuit of Loneliness - Pacific Standard
"...The ending, like the entire series, was also a sociological commentary on American culture. Or rather, it was an illustration of such a commentary. The particular sociological commentary I have in mind is Philip Slater's Pursuit of Loneliness, published in 1970, the same year that this episode takes place. It's almost as if Slater had Don Draper in mind when he wrote the book, or as if Matt Weiner had the book in mind when he wrote this episode.In the first chapter, I Only Work Here, Slater outlines three human desires that are deeply and uniquely frustrated by American culture :..." see full article

1326 days ago | vulture
Mad Men Got Human Behavior Better Than Any Show - Vulture
"...If anything, the series excelled at showing us how people think they're moving forward, yet keep ending up in a place that looks eerily familiar. The sense of genuine renewal in Mad Men's finale threw a lot of viewers for a loop because, like The Sopranos before it, it excelled at showing how people change jobs, mates, and names without altering their essence. Don, Roger, Joan, Peggy, and the rest often made what seemed at first glance a core-transforming grand gesture, only to backslide, or realize much later that it was a disguised version of the same self-defeating thing they'd always done. (Don's out-of-nowhere marriage to Megan at the end of season four was, as Don's then-lover Faye said, proof that he only likes the beginnings of things; it also echoed a season-one observation by another girlfriend, Rachel Menken, that you don't want to run away with me, you just want to run away. )..." see full article

1336 days ago | vanityfair
James Wolcott on the Mad Men Finale - Vanity Fair
"...So now it's finally over, after seven seasons of elaborate foreplay, and everyone can now pretend that there is a yearning hole in their Sunday-night viewing, a Sabbath ritual, that can never be truly fulfillingly filled until of course the next new thing comes along sufficient in mystery, eros, and OMG Twitterific frissons. Funny how we keep going through this. What will I do without The Sopranos? What will I do without Breaking Bad? ..." see full article

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1338 days ago | qz
"Mad Men" nailed the drama, and the glory, of the American workplace - Quartz
"...Ah, Mad Men. You gave us so much grist for discussion and debate over the years about identity, family and home, about race and gender and sexuality, about a nation losing its innocence, and people raising their consciousness. But what I loved most was your thoughtful commentary on the American workplace, which you authentically portrayed as both a center of scintillating drama and a microcosm of the characters' daily lives...." see full article

1339 days ago | pbs
Where does Mad Men rank among TV's greatest shows? - PBS NewsHour
"...The period drama has long been a critical darling and an awards season draw. And although there are exceptions, many critics have argued that the AMC cable series ought to be considered one of the greats, standing shoulder to shoulder with the television giants, The Sopranos and The Wire. ..." see full article

1340 days ago | vanityfair
The Mad Men Finale's Biggest Surprise - Vanity Fair
"...Mad Men leaves us with a final gift, saying good-bye to these characters in their moments of happiness real happiness, not something Don or anyone else sold them. It's the real thing. However long it lasts...." see full article

1340 days ago | ftw.usatoday
The 'Mad Men' finale was never going to live up to your expectations - USA TODAY
"...What happened at the end of The Sopranos? What did Mad Men have to say about the cultural changes of the 1960s and why did it choose to focus more on gender than race? Why is it that the most closure in the finale came to the three main female characters? What did the cut from a meditating, smiling Don to the famous Coke commercial mean? It's up to you...." see full article

1340 days ago | theverge
First Click: Mad Men vs. cynical man - The Verge
"...Mad Men wasn't perfect, but it was great. It dissected a turbulent period of American mythology with vicious dexterity and exploded the quaint notion that life was simpler back then. Life was hard, especially if you were gay, black, handicapped, or a woman. Even the great white male privilege didn't guarantee happiness...." see full article

1340 days ago | tv
Mad Men: Let's Talk About the *sniff* Series Finale -
"...In the end, like Don's product pitches fraught with emotion and more meaning than they deserve, all Mad Men did was fill an empty place for a little while, and as it fades into the TV ether, it's just time to move on to the next big thing, the next thing or moment that will bring us happiness. ..." see full article

1340 days ago | nydailynews
How the 'Mad Men' series finale ranks among all-time TV endings - New York Daily News

"...It may be too early to properly digest this one. It required some fast plot contortions to put Don in a seemingly happy place at the end, since he'd been everywhere else for the last couple of seasons. But if the ending was lighter and less dark than the show, most fans won't mind, since we got to quite like these flawed characters. Also, "Mad Men" wasn't "Breaking Bad." It wasn't like people had to die...." see full article

1340 days ago | salon
This is the only way "Mad Men" should end - Salon

"...I used to think that, like many of the cable dramas that transformed TV, from Oz to The Wire to Breaking Bad, Mad Men was more of a visual novel than a mere TV series. I likened it to Revolutionary Road, Richard Yates' classic borne of the Mad Men era. But Revolutionary Road had an ending. A tragic, heart-wrenching and definitive ending...." see full article

1340 days ago | forbes
How 'Mad Men' Paved The Way For Netflix Original Shows - Forbes
"...Despite its tiny audience, Mad Men has had a huge influence on the culture and on television. It was the first high-quality cable show and it set the stage for high-quality but (potentially) low-rated shows on Netflix..." see full article

1341 days ago | avclub
Mad Men joins the prestige dramas in the sky - A.V. Club DC
"...What is there to say that hasn't been said? No seriously, we're asking. We have no idea what to say, so we'll start with the facts: tonight is the series finale of a landmark television drama...." see full article

1341 days ago | ign
Mad Men: The End is Here - IGN
"...Perhaps more importantly, Mad Men was an major stepping stone in scripted drama, with a lot of influence on what would follow in many series, building itself off of earlier shows like The Sopranos and The Shield to create a rich, textured world, with nuanced and highly flawed characters...." see full article

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