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Will Obama Find A Way To Get TPA Passed?

Obama's fast-track authority for his TPP trade bill was shot down by Democratic senators, which was a crushing blow. Will Obama be able to address concerns and get the bill through the senate?

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Will Obama Find A Way To Get TPA Passed?  

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last 24 hours | dailycaller
Final TPA Vote Delayed Until Next Week - Daily Caller
"...As a result of TAA failing to pass and TPA passing, as it stands now, TPA is stranded in the House. A motion to reconsider TAA was brought to the floor on Friday as well, so House members will have a second chance to bring TAA to a vote again. If the motion cannot be tabled, another vote on TAA happens next week.In the meantime, Republicans are attempting to get Democrat support for the next TAA vote.If the House can pass TAA, the whole trade deal passes and the House will not have vote on TPA again. However, if TAA goes down one more time, it would be stuck in the House again...." see full article

1344 days ago | motherjones
Breaking: House Delivers Stunning Blow to Obama's Trade Deal - Mother Jones

"...While every other president from Ford onward has been granted similar powers, today's vote has turned out to be anything but routine. Critics who oppose the TPP and other pending agreements are working to stop the bill and thwart the anticipated trade deals.The fast-track process was set out in 1974's Trade Act, which empowered Congress to pass Trade Promotion Authority bills like the one slated to be voted on today that allow presidents to negotiate and sign trade deals with less involvement from the legislative branch. Congress still gets to vote yes or no on any final agreement, but amendments are generally prohibited. In exchange, TPA bills let legislators lay out trade priorities and negotiating objectives for the president, and set requirements on how and how often the administration must check in while negotiations are underway...." see full article

1344 days ago | unionleader
George Will: A vote for TPA is not a vote for Obama - The Union Leader
"...Rep. Paul Ryan campaigned hard to prevent a second Obama term, but he strongly favors TPA. He notes that if Obama's negotiations about Iran's nuclear program were being conducted under guarantees of congressional involvement similar to those contained in TPA, Congress would enjoy statutorily required briefings on the negotiations and access to the negotiating documents. Furthermore, any agreement with Iran would have to be made public for examination at least 60 days before Obama signed it, after which the agreement could not take effect unless Congress approves it.Obama has all the friends in Congress he has earned and deserves, so even among Democrats this cohort is vanishingly small. By passing TPA, House Republicans can achieve a fine trifecta, demonstrating their ability to rise above their justifiable resentments, underscoring his dependence on them and on Congress, and illustrating his party's dependence on factions inimical to economic vitality. ..." see full article

1345 days ago | thehill
TPA means the US will lead on trade - The Hill

"...As the global economy expands, nations throughout the Pacific Rim and Europe are looking to their ally, the United States, wondering if we will rise to the occasion and lead another century of economic growth based on the rule of law. Trade promotion authority (TPA) represents our opportunity as a nation to answer that question affirmatively and assure our allies that America remains the leader of the world. If the House of Representatives rejects TPA, our allies will be left looking for another country, like China, to set the rules of the 21st century. For America to continue to determine the rules of the global economy and lead the world in setting and passing free trade agreements, the House must pass TPA. Since the days of Ronald Reagan, the Republican Party has championed free trade. President Reagan knew that when America competes globally, America wins...." see full article

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1345 days ago | rollcall
Could Conservatives Push TPA Over the Finish Line? - Roll Call (blog)
"...But the truth is many Republicans were already warm to the idea of trade deals. It's just the process that concerns them. As Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has noted, the TPA would, for years, give the president up or down votes in Congress on other trade deals without amendment votes. And ceding some element of oversight, even if it's just a modicum of oversight, even if the TPA includes numerous congressional oversight provisions, can still be terrifying for Congress particularly Republicans who remain deeply skeptical of President Barack Obama after a string of unilateral actions they view as executive overreach.As Buck said, recounting a conversation he had with a constituent, If the president won't abide by the Constitution, what gives you any confidence that he'll abide by TPA? Republicans may support the TPP, but many of those same Republicans might not support fast-track authority. Trade Promotion Authority is about process, Amash said, it's not about the trade agreement itself. ..." see full article

1366 days ago | theguardian
Obama's plans for trade deals with Asia and Europe in tatters after Senate vote - The Guardian

"...But the failure to persuade even the half-dozen Democrats needed to join Republicans in the Senate is a shock reversal from earlier consensus in the finance committee, which had included an agreement to soften the impact on US jobs with Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). ..." see full article

1374 days ago | foreignpolicy
How 'Top Gun' Explains the TPA Trade Bill - Foreign Policy (blog)
"...There is perhaps nothing more vital to the economic future of America's children than whether trade in the region is governed by an Asian agreement led by China (that excludes America) or a Pacific agreement led by America...." see full article

1374 days ago | washingtonpost
Feud with Warren breaks open amid fast track vote

"...Over the weekend Obama used a turn of phrase a politician like everybody else that was a deep cut against Warren, who constructed the image of being the principled voice in the wilderness taking unpopular political stands to try to help the voiceless working class...." see full article

1375 days ago | thedailybeast
The Trade Deal Tearing the Dems Apart

"...They cost jobs, liberals argue, and most Democrats will vote against whatever treaty emerges. If Obama succeeds in getting fast-track Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) from the Congress, lawmakers would then give up their right to amend the agreement and would vote up or down on the final deal...." see full article

1375 days ago | thenation
Could Fast Track Ultimately Destroy Dodd-Frank?

"...What might they want? Like with TPP, we don't know all the details of TTIP yet, but advocates have many fears. One is that the Federal Reserve's plan to impose separate liquidity requirements on foreign banks might be scotched..." see full article

1375 days ago | breitbart
Exclusive – Jeff Duncan: Vote 'No' on TPA - Breitbart News
"...Supporters of giving Fast Track Authority to the President will argue that the legislation contains safeguards to ensure that the President honors his commitments to Congress. However, in the past when this President has broken his word and overstepped his authority, when has Congress ever stepped up to stop him?..." see full article

1375 days ago | thehill
Trade promotion authority, a Washington drama - The Hill (blog)

"...President Obama, to his credit, is directing the fight. He wants to drive this issue and he wants to win. At the end of the day, this battle is about leadership, about supporting the office of the president and about keeping America vital in the world of international commerce and, at the same time preserving congressional oversight which TPA clearly does...." see full article

1375 days ago | qz
Obamas plans for inking new trade deals suffered a big defeatthis time, at the hands of free traders
"...Unless a deal can be found soon, this looks like the beginning of the end for Obama's dream of a free-trade zone stretching across the Pacific and covering 40% of the world's economic production...." see full article

1375 days ago | delawareonline
Free-trade opponents get less logical by the day
"...If Congress allows an up-or-down vote by passing TPA, as it should, that's probably what will happen this time too: Congress will take a look at TPP, and decide it's worth passing. That would make a lot more sense than the escalating war of words between Obama and Warren. And it would be better for the country, too...." see full article

1375 days ago | politico
Reid offers plan to break trade impasse

"...Trade proponents in both parties vowed on Tuesday to try to put the pieces back together and the fracas doesn't mean the fast-track is dead, especially if Reid is committed to finding a way out. The GOP and White House officials argue that enacting fast-track Trade Promotion Authority is critical for Obama's ability to strike a landmark trade deal with Pacific Rim countries, and the roadblock in the Senate threatens progress on that pact...." see full article

1375 days ago | ibtimes
TPP Fast Track Vote: Why Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal Didnt Pass The Senate
"...That sentiment has some pundits speculating that the GOP leadership put the vote up to embarrass Obama. Others used it to criticize the Democratic Party as a whole...." see full article

1375 days ago | foxnews
Trade matters: Why Congress must restore Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) - Fox News

"... Congress has the ultimate authority over any free trade agreement, but the vote has to be either yes or no, not amendments that amount to renegotiation. We hope that under TPA members of Congress would continue to engage the Administration throughout negotiations to ensure that all objectives are met so that when an agreement is final they would be able to vote yes...." see full article

1376 days ago | thehill
What is truly at stake with TPA and TPP? - The Hill (blog)

"...What we do know is that in the absence of TPA there will be no TPP, and there'll be no U.S. trade agreements of any consequence for years to come. That might not affect my generation very much, but it would be devastating for our children and grandchildren. ..." see full article

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