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Will Recent Political Victories Rescue President Obama's Legacy?

With recent victories for Obama, such as gay marriage, Obamacare, and a nationwide discussion of racism and civil rights, the President is as popular as ever. Will these events cement President Obama's legacy?

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Will Recent Political Victories Rescue President Obama's Legacy?  

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last 24 hours | forbes
Obama's True Legacy: Propping Up Dictators - Forbes
"...U.S. President Barack Obama converses with Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn while walking to board Air Force One for his departure from Ethiopia late last month.On the contrary, the Obama legacy will be one of propping up dictatorial regimes around the world. His praise for the government of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn merely took to Africa what Obama and his foreign policy team have already done on a grander scale in Iran, Cuba and Burma.To be sure, President Obama was standing next to Desalegn at a joint press conference in Addis Ababa when he spoke. Maybe he didn't want to be a bad guest. And the President did add that the Ethipiopian government has more work to do. After a slew of criticism at home, he later also ..." see full article

1290 days ago | washingtonpost
The Insiders: Obama's latest global warming plan is about his legacy, not policy - Washington Post (blog)

"...The latest iteration of the administration's Clean Power Plan isn't really meant to impact the environment or produce more energy. It is fair to say that it is just another attempt by President Obama to make an ideological point. Only Obama's most committed apologists will herald this pseudo-plan as a legitimate achievement. The measures in the Clean Power Plan would serve only to raise energy prices for consumers and suppress job growth and would not have any appreciable impact on what are touted as the man-made causes of global warming. The New York Times introduced the plan Sunday with this headline: Obama to unveil tougher environmental plan with his legacy in mind. Legacy, indeed. At the end of the day, it is just a Potemkin gesture designed to produce another round of self-congratulatory cheers for a spent presidency...." see full article

1291 days ago | politico
Divining the Obama Legacy

"...Still, in a week when Obama, acting together with other powers, achieved what could prove to be the most significant international accord since the 1978 Camp David agreement the so-called joint comprehensive plan of action to stop an Iranian nuclear weapon it is worth raising the legacy question, however tentatively. Particularly since the news of the Iran agreement came only a few weeks after the Supreme Court, in King v. Burwell, appeared to ensure the survival of Obama's most significant domestic achievement, the Affordable Care Act.But before we go further, let's go back. A quick look at the historical reputations of four of the country's most prominent 20th-century presidents Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson should be enough to reinforce whatever doubts we might have about delivering an assessment of Obama's presidency so soon..." see full article

1308 days ago | wnd
Obama's legacy: A nuclear Iran -
"...The long-standing sanctions on Iran will be lifted immediately, freeing up over $150 billion for the country's use. This was the most crucial leverage the West had with which to ensure that Iran kept to the terms of any negotiated arrangement. Opponents of this deal have long argued that sanctions needed to be lifted gradually, over time, after verifying Iran's compliance. That leverage is now gone. And once the sanctions are lifted, it will be extremely difficult if not impossible to put together the international scheme necessary to re-impose them. Iran knows this better than anyone.But keeping to the terms of this deal doesn't appear to be terribly arduous for Iran in any case. Experts have estimated that Iran was just a few months away from having enough weapons-grade uranium to make a bomb. This new agreement extends that timetable to wait for it one year.Seriously?..." see full article

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1309 days ago | wnd
Today's Greek tragedy is Obama's legacy tomorrow -
"...Your administration's total unfunded liabilities, chiefly to the poor and the sick, now approach $100 trillion. If I were poor or sick in America, I should be very afraid. There is no way your taxpayers can afford to meet such monstrous liabilities.And, lest you should think I am crowing, I am not. I am sorrowful. For Britain is going the same way as the U.S. It is also bankrupt, though at least its current administration says it is going to do something about it. Before our eyes, the uncaring, socialist welfare state is everywhere collapsing. That is Mr. Obama's legacy. There will be revolution before the economic damage he has caused is corrected. History will condemn him...." see full article

1321 days ago | phillytrib
How Obama's legacy got a big boost
"...President Obama ended two wars. He veered away from the idea that the answer to every foreign threat should first and foremost be a military solution. He ended America's role as the world's policeman, instead making this country a leader of concerted action with other nations.He has relied on diplomatic and political solutions, applying military might sparingly, strategically and powerfully. His use of diplomacy combined with economic and military power brought an end to the use of chemical weapons in Syria. He is forging a concerted action against ISIS.Obama is moving, step-by-step, to recognizing Cuba at a time when having good relations with that nation is essential to our national security.He has opened a diplomatic door with Iran, allowing us to have negotiated agreement over their use of nuclear power. He is shifting our focus to Asia, which is long overdue. In sum, he puts the interests of the American people first...." see full article

1323 days ago | csmonitor
Obama looks like hes actually having fun being president
"...But 6-1/2 years into his presidency, Obama is on the homestretch, and key elements of his legacy seem secure. The economic recovery is taking root, the Affordable Care Act is intact, and the right to same-sex marriage is the law of the land. Increasingly, the famously cool native of Hawaii is letting himself relax a bit in public. Is your name really Davy Crockett? Obama asked a man at an event Wednesday in Nashville, Tenn.Yes, it was just like the 19th-century folk hero who represented Tennessee in Congress and died at the Alamo...." see full article

1323 days ago | nj
Two key victories in a week to rescue Obama's legacy
"...Almost in the blink of an eye, President Obama's struggling quest for a legacy has been rescued from a death spiral by a pair of stunning victories.The first was in Congress. There, with overwhelming Republican support Obama won approval of "fast-track" negotiation authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal with 11 Pacific Rim nations. Score one for Obama.The second came in the U.S. Supreme Court. There, a 6-3 majority led by Chief Justice John Roberts upheld subsidies to low and middle-income insurance policy holders. Republicans and conservatives opponents had argued the subsidies were invalidated by poor language in the Affordable Care Act...." see full article

1323 days ago | huffingtonpost
Obama's Legacy Takes Shape With The Help Of Unlikely Allies

"...Long past the prime of his presidency, Barack Obama is defying the lame-duck label and solidifying the contours of his legacy with the help of unlikely allies in Congress and the Supreme Court.Led by Chief Justice John Roberts, the high court preserved Obama's signature health care law Thursday, hours before a Republican-controlled Congress paved the way for an Asia-Pacific trade pact at the center of the president's international agenda. The Supreme Court also handed Obama a surprise win by upholding a key tool used to fight housing discrimination."This was a good day for America," Obama said, speaking from the White House Rose Garden shortly after the court rulings.For a president deep into his second term, the legal and legislative victories were a vindication of policy priorities that have sapped his political capital and exposed rifts with his own Democratic Party. The back-to-back successes also energized a weary White House, with senior officials and longtime advisers making little effort to hide their glee...." see full article

1323 days ago | mic
The Time Has Come to Recognize President Obama's Game-Changing Liberal Legacy
"...After a thrilling and fraught week in Washington D.C., and South Carolina, Obama's legacy is coming into plain view and emerging as one of the sharpest and most significant in the last century of liberal politics. The quick succession of Supreme Court rulings, first to reject a last gasp challenge to a key portion of Obama's Affordable Care Act and, a day later, to embrace his administration's late push to guarantee marriage equality have underlined a game-changing era of hard-won and deeply meaningful social progress. A vote for action: Sixteen days after the midterm rout, Obama used his executive authorities in an attempt to shield from deportation as many as 5 million people living in the U.S. illegally. Hillary Clinton, now running for president herself, promised in May to use Obama's move as a stepping stone to even broader action. ..." see full article

1323 days ago | businessinsider
The last week cemented Obama's legacy

"...By the end of the week, both the Affordable Care Act and Obama's brewing Pacific trade deal were more secure than ever before.To boot, Obama became the president under whom gay marriage became legal throughout the United States. And to cap the week off, he delivered a moving eulogy at the funeral of the reverend who was one of nine people killed in last week's church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.It was one of the most momentous weeks of Obama's presidency a defining one for his administration's legacy...." see full article

1323 days ago | washingtonpost
Barack Obama: The health-care industry president

"...Meanwhile, the number of government jobs continues to be far lower than when Obama took office.So what's Obama's legacy? Last year, we speculated that it might focus around oil and health-care jobs; if the percentage of oil and gas jobs slips, health care will become the bigger growth industry by both metrics.Obama's legacy was secured in part by the Supreme Court decision to uphold Obamacare last week. With these numbers, we might as well go ahead and call him the health-care industry president...." see full article

1323 days ago | thehill
Confident Obama not satisfied with his 'best week ever'

"...Obama has exuded confidence since he racked up a series of wins last week that helped cement some of his key legacy achievements.The Supreme Court upheld a central provision of his signature healthcare law and legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. Congress, meantime, passed a package of trade bills that are at the top of the president's second-term economic agenda.The president also delivered an impassioned call for America to confront gun violence and racism last Friday during an emotional eulogy for one the nine victims of a mass shooting at a historic black church in South Carolina.Obama's week of wins was only stopped by an unfavorable Supreme Court ruling Monday against his administration's rules governing toxic emissions from coal-fired power plants...." see full article

1323 days ago | mintpressnews
The Obama Legacy: Inequality, Corporate Trade Deals, Worldwide War - Mintpress News (blog)
"...The division between the perception of Obama's achievements and the reality extends far beyond immigration and the LGBT community. Obama's presidency has seen destructive Bush-era policies grow more entrenched, and new forms of repression have been added to American life.With the Supreme Court legalizing marriage for all regardless of gender, many perceive an increase in equality for LGBT people as one of the main legacies of Obama's presidency. But last Wednesday, Jennicet Guti rrez interrupted Obama at one of the White House's annual Pride Month festivities to demand better treatment for an overlooked portion of the community. President Obama, stop the torture and abuse of trans women in detention centers! shouted Guti rrez, who is an undocumented transgender Latina immigrant, before continuing: President Obama, I am a trans woman. I'm tired of the abuse. ..." see full article

1326 days ago | cnn
How Obama's legacy got a big boost - CNN

"...Last week was certainly a high point for President Barack Obama. Let's use the vantage point of that height to gain a little perspective on his legacy.--He took an important step in solving America's health care problem. -- He led the country through a massive demographic shift and moved forward on immigration through an executive order still being litigated in the courts.-- He made a steadfast shift on civil rights, including same-sex marriage.-- He focused on the future with priorities such as clean energy. -- He developed a pragmatic, new foreign policy based on our values -- one that blended diplomacy with selected and concerted use of might. He did all this despite a rigid, obstructionist opposition that was politically determined not just to defeat his policies, but make his presidency a failed presidency that left no footprint whatsoever...." see full article

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