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Will Reopening The American Embassy In Cuba Improve Relations?

The American flag has been risen at the Embassy in Havana, the first time in 54 years. However, Cuban leadership still takes an anti-American position, and the U.S. Congress is still debating several bills relating to Cuban trade and travel. Despite this, do you think Cuban-American relations will improve?

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Will Reopening The American Embassy In Cuba Improve Relations?  

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last 24 hours | csmonitor
US flag flies again in Cuba: How much real change is coming to the country? 
"...But as symbolically significant as Friday's ceremony along Havana's waterfront Malec n will be it will be the first visit to Cuba by a secretary of State since 1945 it remains unclear how much real change the warm-up in US-Cuba relations will bring.For both bilateral government relations and the Cuban people, experts in US-Cuba relations predict change will occur, but will be slow. Cuba is changing, but that change is not happening fast enough. Cuba needs to speed up the process of change, says Carlos Saladrigas, chairman of the Cuba Study Group, an organization of Cuban-Americans supporting President Obama's opening to Cuba...." see full article

1252 days ago | nationalinterest
Don't Celebrate America's Diplomatic Opening to Cuba
"...But the embassy opening should be no cause for celebration. It is a simply one more false step in this administration's foreign policy a miscue that undermines America's credibility and the cause of freedom on the island.The White House announced its plan to normalize relations with Cuba on December 17, and it's been working hard ever since to sell the deal as another smart power success. Yet one can't help but wonder why, if this is such a smart move, the administration had to do it so furtively.While negotiations were underway, only a select few in the National Security Council were privy to the fact that a drastic shift in Cuba policy was in the works. Even the State Department diplomats charged with the post December 17 bilateral talks had no knowledge or role in its development. Not to mention the purposeful exclusion of the seven Cuban American members of Congress, from both parties...." see full article

1252 days ago | latimes
Top U.S. and Cuban diplomats spar after flag raising at U.S. Embassy in Havana
"...But full normalization of relations is a distant goal. Cuba remains the target of a decades-old U.S. trade embargo that only Congress can remove. That isn't likely any time soon.And even though American and Cuban officials praised each other for the rapprochement, neither side shied away from leveling tough charges this week.Former President Fidel Castro marked his 89th birthday Thursday with a newspaper column that said Cuba would demand millions of dollar in compensation for the economic damage inflicted by the decades-old embargo...." see full article

1252 days ago | politico
Cuba: Now comes the hard part

"...A lot has been achieved in very little time, and it's easy to imagine that the change will only snowball. But so far the momentum has come almost entirely from the White House, and the newly opened embassies mark the final big step that Obama can take by himself. Reopening the embassies, as well as taking Cuba off of the list of terrorist sponsoring countries, were decisions that resided within the jurisdiction of the executive branch. Now the most significant next steps are going to lie with Congress, and get tangled up in the 2016 presidential race. They won't be so easy.The issues now hanging between the countries are serious ones with strong constituencies aligned against further movement. The big one is the embargo or as Cubans call it, the blockade. Changing or ending the embargo has the biggest potential to transform the relationship, but it requires Congress to change the laws that put the embargo in place. And the likelihood of Congress moving to change that in the next 18 months is minimal...." see full article

1252 days ago | cnn
Celebrate new day for U.S-Cuba relations

"...Today's reopening of the embassy in Havana is an important step in restoring full diplomatic relations, but Obama can only do what is within the limits of his presidential powers. Only Congress can end the embargo, and President Obama has urged them to do so quickly. But in this do-nothing Republican Congress that opposes everything President Obama proposes, there is scant hope of this.The issue has even bled into the 2016 Presidential race, with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, delivering a key speech calling for ending the embargo, and closer ties with Cuba. She gave the speech at Florida International University, where Sen. Marco Rubio, a contender for the Republican 2016 presidential nomination, is a part-time teacher. In sharp contrast with Clinton, Rubio adamantly opposes any thawing of our relations with Cuba, or any loosening of the embargo...." see full article

1252 days ago | theweek
America's embassy in Cuba never really closed
"...Even when the U.S. flag is once again flying over the American Embassy in Havana on Friday, relations between Cuba and the U.S. won't exactly be normal. Old wounds heal slowly, and the Republican-led Congress doesn't seem eager to confirm an ambassador to Havana or end the decades-old trade embargo. But amid all the muted festivities of the historic occasion, it's worth taking a moment to thank the Swiss for making sure America still has an embassy to fly the Stars and Stripes above...." see full article

1252 days ago | knoxnews
Cohen sees bright future for U.S.-Cuba relations - Knoxville News Sentinel
"...The normalizing of relations with Cuba will open up more trade opportunities for U.S. companies, give Americans more opportunities to travel to the Caribbean island nation and maybe even provide an opportunity for democracy to take root there someday. We can break down some barriers and, I think, eventually have democracy in Cuba if they have more contact with Americans, the Memphis Democrat said.Cohen and seven other members of Congress will travel to Cuba today with Secretary of State John Kerry for a flag-raising ceremony marking the official reopening of the U.S. Embassy in Havana...." see full article

1252 days ago | nbcnews
American Flag Flies at Embassy in Cuba for First Time Since 1961 -

"...However, deep ideological differences still divide the two nations. There are thorny disputes over mutual claims for economic reparations, Cuba's insistence on an end to the 53-year-old trade embargo and American calls for Cuba to improve on human rights and democracy. Kerry also acknowledged that hurdles remain. "We are all aware that, notwithstanding President Obama's new policy, the overall U.S. embargo on trade with Cuba remains in place and can only be lifted by Congressional action a step we strongly favor," Kerry said...." see full article

1252 days ago | thehill
A new beginning in US-Cuba relations still depends on Congress - The Hill (blog)

"...Full relations with any country depends on our ability to trade and develop commercial relationships that go beyond the people-to-people engagements that still form the core of exchange. But in the meantime, a very Cuban form of capitalism is already thriving as entrepreneurs have built many businesses that cater to tourists and locals alike. For example, Cubans see the latest movies and TV series taken off the Internet and sold to people by vendors who go door to door with USB sticks that clients can use to download. No pay per view, but pay for the service. Foodie tourists can partake of the wonderful culinary talent of restaurateurs in the renowned paladares, which serve as gastronomic laboratories showing off the bounties of tropical products even if getting some of the basic goods requires creating your own local supply chain and having friends head to Miami or Cancun to do a quick run to Costco for supplies!..." see full article

1253 days ago | counterpunch
Normalizing Relations With Cuba: Has the US Learned Its Lesson? - CounterPunch
"...Today, Cuba and a significant portion of Latin America are constructing numerous alliances, institutions and programs that eventually could become that Great Nation of the South while the United States seems incapable of understanding what is happening elsewhere in the hemisphere. Thus, the errors committed against Cuba continue to be repeated elsewhere.On August 14, the United States government once again will have formal diplomatic relations with Cuba. Yet, most of the economic and commercial restrictions imposed since the 1960s need to be ended. Hopefully that will change in the immediate future. Then we will have to wait and see if American intervention on the internal affairs of Cuba cease as well. If that happens, then a real new period will begin in the history of the hemisphere...." see full article

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