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Will Republican Support Of Kim Davis Hurt The Party

Presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz have both spoken out in favor of Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, who was jailed (and released) for failing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Will supporting Davis hurt the Republican candidates?

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Will Republican Support Of Kim Davis Hurt The Party  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Will Republican Support Of Kim Davis Hurt The Party"
last 24 hours | washingtonpost
The Passion of Kim Davis - Washington Post (blog)

"...Kim Davis is a false idol.To suffer for your beliefs can be ennobling. To suffer for your misconceptions is just embarrassing. And she's doing the latter, not the former.Today, she's back at work.Last Tuesday afternoon found her being released from jail, as Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz rallied around her and Eye of the Tiger played. (Survivor issued a cease and desist.) Crosses waved, Amazing Grace was sung, speeches were given. It was all the fun of martyrdom with none of the stigma(ta.)But make no mistake. Kim Davis is not being persecuted for her beliefs. This is to actual religious persecution as anything in that Alanis Morrisette song was to irony: which is to say, this only looks like it if you don't properly understand the meaning of the word...." see full article

1158 days ago | theblaze
Republicans Were Doing So Well With Millennials, Then Kim Davis Happened -
"...She single-handedly dragged the conversation back to social issues where Democrats have the edge and one that give millennials the passion and energy that drives them to the polls.And like a moth to a flame several GOP presidential candidates raced to her side and aid in Kentucky.To be clear, this is a very tricky issue in a very political season. It brings forth great debate and these problems demand solutions. Religious freedom and rule of law is something Americans pride themselves on, but it seems that the rule of law only applies if you agree with the law.For example, Republicans believe if you have entered this country illegally you should be deported back to your country of origin and the several cities around the country that classify themselves as sanctuary cities should not receive any federal funds. But, county clerk, Kim Davis, does not have to follow the law and can refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples as an elected official (Democrat) of the state government and should not be penalized...." see full article

1158 days ago | thedailybeast
Bill Maher: Kim Davis Is the Rosa Parks of Homophobia - Daily Beast

"...She's Republicans' new hero, the Rosa Parks of homophobia, as Maher dubbed her Friday, matched in bigotry only by her hand-holding partner in hatred, Mike Huckabee, the white Al Sharpton. They all got out there and said, God's law supersedes the courts, which actually is a very strong legal argument in Saudi Arabia, but not here in America, Maher said. I don't want to say that the super religious types are always hypocrites but here she is. Standing up for traditional marriage and then we find out she's had multiple affairs, conceived twins out of wedlock, and has been married four times! That's why she can't give marriage licenses to the gays she used them all for herself! ..." see full article

1160 days ago | ringoffireradio
Fox's Shepard Smith Goes Off on Kim Davis: Fox Audience Goes Off on Shepard - Ring of Fire
"...Fox News audience didn't take kindly to Shepard's stating the above opinion. The Right Scoop immediately called Smith a puke: What a puke. Christians simply want for the government to stay out of our Christian beliefs instead of imprisoning us when our beliefs go against the invented rights of a lawless Supreme Court. And then he calls us hypocrites for not wanting Muslim theocracy in our country, suggesting we want to push our Christian values on the government? Does he know anything about how this country was founded? Has he ever read the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence? What an idiot. Writing for GOPUSA, Cliff Kincaid called Shepard's comments evidence of anti-Christian bias that has been rearing its ugly head on Fox News. He was surprised to see Fox break its promise to air fair and balanced' coverage of the issue by permitting Smith to take such a crude stand against Davis. He said Shepard doesn't know the difference between Christianity and Islam. Smith seems not to understand the difference between Christianity, a foundation of the American system that protects religious rights and liberty, and Islam, an authoritarian religion which wants to impose its values on others. ..." see full article

1160 days ago | thestranger
Who's the Real Winner of the Kim Davis Debacle? Ugh, Mike Huckabee - (blog)
"...Well, yes: TV personality and gimmick-candidate Mike Huckabee, who is using the election to build his audience. When he saw that there were TV cameras pointed at Kim Davis, he glommed onto her like a sugary cereal stuck in a rear molar.And of course he couldn't resist hogging Kim spotlight. Mike's built a sizable portion of his career on anti-gay animus, but he's no dummy: he can see that the market for that rhetoric is dwindling. So now he's switching to the talking point that "Christians are persecuted," and Kim provided the perfect opportunity to pivot.The cutest part of the Huckabee/Davis TV special is watching the other kids try to sit at their lunch table. Ben Carson tried to elbow his way into the conversation, telling Fox News that we should provide legal exemptions to laws to Christians but not to those pesky Muslims because "this is a Judeo-Christian nation."Obviously and of course, this is not a Judeo-Christian nation. It is a pluralistic nation with an Establishment Clause. But Ben Carson has no more reason to care about the Constitution than Kim Kardashian does he's just another reality TV confabulation, groping for his next catch phrase...." see full article

1160 days ago | latimes
Why Kim Davis is no conscientious objector - Los Angeles Times
"...Kim Davis has touched a nerve with conservative Christians. Republican presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz have rushed to stand alongside her. And Times readers are having none of it.fact, when one reader took to our pages this week to defend Davis, writing that her refusal to act against her religious beliefs makes her a kind of conscientious objector, nearly a dozen letters with objections to that comparison were sent to us in response.Here are some of those letters...." see full article

1160 days ago | salon
Kim Davis is the new face of the religious right: Angry, marginalized and ... - Salon

"...Mike Huckabee has been at the frontlines of pushing the claim that Christian conservatives simply have the right to ignore or overturn democracy to impose their will, and not just because he's been running around Kentucky, trying to get himself on camera as much as possible in support of Davis's attempt to ban gay marriage by fiat. He's also been using the campaign trail to argue that the president should be able to simply end rule of law and start ruling like a dictator.He doesn't just the word dictator, of course, but make no mistake, Huckabee has repeatedly and shamelessly promised that if he is elected president, he will start declaring his beliefs to be the law of the land without the cooperation of Congress. In a Google hangout, he laid out the scheme: Declare as president that there are constitutional rights of the unborn and simply ban abortion by fiat. He claimed a similar authority during the Republican debate, a moment that got startlingly little play even though it was literally a candidate for president arguing that he would make himself a dictator...." see full article

1161 days ago | wnd
"...That's exactly what Kim Davis has done. I suspect, as she sees it, she would sooner be burned at the stake than face the flames of hell. For that, she is to be both admired and emulated. Imagine the possibilities if thousands of clerks, judges, pastors, photographers, bakers, inn keepers, florists, parents and other believers across this great nation came together, dug in their heels and said, No! I will not violate my Christian conscience. Do as you may. Throw me in jail if you must, but I will not call evil good and good evil. Indeed, throughout history Christianity has been shown to both blossom and flourish when Christ followers are persecuted when others attempt to quash their free exercise of faith.In his letter from the Birmingham jail, Martin Luther King Jr. famously declared, One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. ..." see full article

1161 days ago | usnews
Kim Davis Is Just a Lonely Gay Marriage Warrior - U.S. News & World Report

"...Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, a Baptist minister, held a rally for Davis Tuesday outside the jail where she spent the weekend. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the son of an evangelist, met with Davis the same afternoon. Those activists misunderstand the mood of the nation. Unlike the continuing divide over abortion, public opinion has been moving rapidly toward support of same-sex marriage. The experienced Republican pollster Glen Bolger told Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post recently, "This is an unprecedented shift in public opinion. In 20 years it won't even be an issue." In the Gallup poll, support rose from 27 to 60 percent in only 19 years...." see full article

1161 days ago | thinkprogress
I've Refused Work Because Of My Religion. Here's What Kim Davis Doesn't ... - ThinkProgress
"...Though right-wing Christians are often quick to call out these sacrifices as proof they're being discriminated against, this type of compromise from religious folks is routine. When you're a member of a larger secular society that's built on laws, taxes, and policies you don't agree with, you won't get everything you want all of the time. Members of the historic peace churches have a lot of experience with this. We may have secured the religious exemptions that allow us to avoid participating in U.S. military activity, but our objections to the political system aren't limited to the threat of being drafted. Mennonites and Quakers don't particularly like the fact that they continue to indirectly support violence, war, and oppression through their tax dollars, as well as through any other day-to-day activities that help prop up the government...." see full article

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