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Will Saudi Intervention In Yemen Bring About Peace?

Yemen is facing sectarian violence, led by the Houthis and an al-Qaida offshoot. Saudi Arabia has intervened, with a month long bombing campaign. Will the Saudi's help bring about peace in this poverty stricken country?

83% of writers and pundits say no
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Will Saudi Intervention In Yemen Bring About Peace?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Will Saudi Intervention In Yemen Bring About Peace?"
last 24 hours | independent.c
Yemen crisis: Terrified citizens caught between Saudi Arabia and Iran as air strikes and blockade threaten humanitarian disaster for millions
"...The Saudi air campaign has turned what began as a factional conflict within Yemen into a regional dispute that will make it more difficult to resolve. Indeed, the beginning of the Saudi air war five weeks ago put a stop to negotiations which were about to succeed in establishing a power sharing government in the capital Sanaa according to the UN envoy Jamal Benomar...." see full article

1324 days ago | newyorker
Yemen Then and Now: The Sad Chronicle of a Failed State

"...The quarter-century experiment in uniting Yemen has definitively failed. There is no military solution, and there are unlikely to be any winners out of such a multilayered conflict, whatever the territorial gains...." see full article

1324 days ago | rt
Saudis support of tribesmen dangerous, illegal and immoral escalation of Yemeni conflict
"...This is basically a dangerous, illegal and immoral escalation of the conflict in Yemen. Instead of moving parties toward a diplomatic, political solution the Saudis have decided that they are going to intensify the unstable situation in Yemen by providing arms to an oppositional group, a group that has been traditionally opposed to the Houthis in order to continue to try to advance its particular foreign policy objectives in Yemen...." see full article

1324 days ago | middleeastmonitor
The Yemeni crisis...the calculations and consequences
"...It has, however, also become clear that the Saudi-led airstrikes against the Houthi rebels have succeeded in destroying most of the group's military capability...." see full article

1324 days ago | thepeoplesvoice
Obama Rejects Peace in Yemen: Orders Genocidal War Continued - The People's Voice
"...It's his planned and orchestrated war - using Saudi and other regional proxies to wage premeditated aggression against a country threatening no one...." see full article

1326 days ago | presst
Analyst: End to Saudi war on Yemen to bring stability to Mideast - Press TV
"... I think the envoy will do quite little so long as Saudi Arabia continues the aggressive bombing campaign. Over the last month, they have bombed all over Yemen, they have been targeting hospitals, schools, refugee centers, soccer stadiums, urban cities. The destruction has been quite devastating and only an end to Saudi Arabia's aggression is the thing that can actually bring some peace and a potential for the return of stability in the region. ..." see full article

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