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Will Scott Walker Be A Contender For President?

Will Scott Walker become a leading candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States?

61% of writers and pundits say no
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Will Scott Walker Be A Contender For President?  

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last 24 hours | politico
Scott Walker didn't finish college. Would that make him a bad president - Politico

"...But they don't. Other things equal, countries with college-educated leaders and countries led by politicians who didn't finish college have similar rates of economic growth, similar unemployment rates, similar inflation rates, similar numbers of wars and major work stoppages, and similar levels of income inequality. When it comes to major social outcomes that voters care about, it just doesn't seem to matter whether a country's national executive has a college diploma.The same was true when we looked at an innovative anti-corruption program in Brazil. Every year since 2003, an anti-corruption office in Brazil's federal government has randomly selected 250 municipalities and extensively audited how they spend their money. We looked at the data, and corruption appears to be just as common in cities run by college-educated mayors as it is in cities whose mayors didn't finish college...." see full article

1318 days ago | forbes
Scott Walker Presidential Bid Self-Destructs On ABC's 'This Week ...
"...I admit it it's pretty hard to argue with someone who realizes that some new, big and bold ideas would be a very welcome addition to the debate when it comes to sifting through who would make the best presidential candidates for 2016.While Scott Walker made the case Sunday morning for the importance of putting these new, big and bold ideas on display for the 2016 election, he made an even more compelling case for why he is not the man capable of doing so...." see full article

1345 days ago | politico
Scott Walkers Revolt Back Home - Politico

"...It's a scene that's played out more than once this spring as lawmakers wrangle with Walker's budget and other issues. His frequent out-of-state trips have given Democrats plenty of fodder to declare Walker an absentee governor placing his expected presidential run above the needs of Wisconsinites.Walker has repeatedly brushed off the suggestion, pointing out he's on the phone constantly with his chief of staff and legislative leaders, no matter where he is. He's also scored significant victories on the things he likes to tout on the national campaign trail, like holding down property taxes, and GOP lawmakers insist publicly the governor is just as available to them as he was in each of his first two budgets, even if he's often not at the table...." see full article

1347 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
Scott Walker is the only potential presidential candidate who can go to a biker rally and mean it

"...Scott Walker hasn't yet said that he's running for president. But the Wisconsin governor is working to brand himself as the plain-speaking, Miller-drinking, cheap-clothes-wearing candidate who understands the struggles of the middle class. And he rides a Harley.This weekend is an opportunity to showcase it: He's taking part in a Roast and Ride fundraiser for Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst (R), who drew national attention last year when she ran campaign ads saying that she castrated hogs growing up on a farm and that she isn't afraid to make 'em squeal in Washington. (Walker's political organization recently hired Ernst's former strategist, David Polyansky.)..." see full article

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1350 days ago | rawstory
Scott Walker: Visiting six countries makes me 'the most' qualified to be ... - Raw Story

"...Likely Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker argued on Sunday that he would be the most qualified person to lead the country's foreign policy because he had visited six countries while serving as governor of Wisconsin...." see full article

1370 days ago | salon
Scott Walker is now toast: The crazy move right that cost him the Koch ... - Salon

"...First, let's acknowledge once again that the Great Whitebread Hope from Wisconsin seems to have everyone in the political establishment mesmerized by his alleged strategic and tactical brilliance. Sure, he makes epic gaffes over and over again, but that cannot take anything away from the fact that he barely won a recall election and two swing-state elections in years in which Republicans ran the table. ..." see full article

1394 days ago | salon
Scott Walker is the absolute worst: Beneath his "Everyman" facade, a grossly ... - Salon

"...So in fact, Walker's terrible performance would seem to have hurt him. It might also help Paul and Rubio that they have declared officially their candidacies, while Walker still apparently waits for God to tell him what to do...." see full article

1397 days ago | host.madison
Arthur Christopher Schaper: Scott Walker is looking more presidential every day -
"...Walker should be applauded for signing the right-to-work law, despite initial presumed reticence, all of which takes place because unions have an immoral tendency to extend labor contracts indefinitely right before right-to-work legislation ensues. ..." see full article

1405 days ago | bizjournals
Business backers of Wisconsin governor like the ring of 'Walker for president' - Milwaukee Business Journal (blog)
"...But Walker's expected presidential bid generally gets a thumbs-up from business people who love him as governor...." see full article

1407 days ago | jsonline
Scott Walker has spent most of life planted firmly in middle class - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"...could boost a presidential bid by helping the governor reach out to ordinary voters and by ruling out some of the financial conflicts of interest that crop up for wealthy candidates...." see full article

1411 days ago | jsonline
Scott Walker has spent most of life planted firmly in middle class - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"...But Walker's modest finances could boost a presidential bid by helping the governor reach out to ordinary voters and by ruling out some of the financial conflicts of interest that crop up for wealthy candidates...." see full article

1412 days ago | businessinsider
Republican presidential contender Scott Walker ... - Business Insider

"...It's a record that complicates Walker's path in early primary states as he sells himself as a reformer. ..." see full article

1413 days ago | politifact
Gov. Scott Walker says he bought a sweater for $1 at Kohl's - PolitiFact
"...When Gov. Scott Walker took his presidential ambitions to New Hampshire, he shared a penny-pinching story that would have been right at home in bargain-hunting Wisconsin...." see full article

1414 days ago | nytimes
The State of Scott Walker - New York Times

"...During his two terms in office, Wisconsin's public education system, public lands and pristine environment have suffered as Mr. Walker slashed funding for the things that have made Wisconsin a quality place to live...." see full article

1415 days ago | takingnote.blogs.nytimes
Scott Walker: From Eagle Scout to Commander in Chief? - New York Times (blog)
"...It would be unfair to say Mr. Walker's response hinged solely on his knot-tying skills. He did offer a grand vision for military strategy. He said the United States should use military force when appropriate, with a plan and a charge that ultimately leads to victory. ..." see full article

1417 days ago | thedailybeast
What Jeb Gets That Walker Doesnt - Daily Beast

"...while Walker's positions have evolved in the base's direction and, as of now, that is a decidedly less optimistic one...." see full article

1417 days ago | washingtonpost
The newest smear against Scott Walker - Washington Post (blog)

"...I bet you didn't know Walker was so racially divisive. Well, neither did he or the voters who supported him in three elections...." see full article

1418 days ago | washingtonpost
Morning Plum: Scott Walker versus Jeb Bush for soul of the GOP? - Washington Post (blog)

"...Conservative writer Matt Lewis tells Martin that Walker's strategy is about turning out disaffected white men, and a Walker adviser didn't dispute the idea. ..." see full article

1418 days ago | forbes
Scott Walker's Medicaid Policy Says A Lot About How He Would Govern - Forbes
"...In doing so he bolstered his Tea Party bona fides by refusing to accept this Obamacare expansion. But exactly how he did it says a lot about Scott Walker...." see full article

1418 days ago | politico
The crushing defeat that shaped Scott Walker - Politico

"...But the hard-earned lessons from his failed, slapdash run for governor in 2006 have shaped Walker's career since, putting him on a trajectory that has led him to become one of the early front-runners for the 2016 GOP nomination. ..." see full article

1419 days ago | salon
The rich's Scott Walker bungle: Why plutocrats fell for the wrong GOP governor - Salon

"...To recap: Walker is stumbling, Bush is widely viewed as a vulnerable frontrunner and Ted Cruz is running for president of the he-man Obama haters club and scaring GOP pragmatists. It's clearly time for a fresher face,..." see full article

1421 days ago | salon
Ted Cruz's "Scott Walker" problem: Why they're both making false promises to ... - Salon

"...And it's why you should consider the midwestern governor a more serious threat to Bush than the Texan in the Senate. Because although Walker is more popular than Bush with the Tea Party rank-and-file, he hasn't earned their support at the cost of alienating the party establishment. ..." see full article

1425 days ago | time
Scott Walker: Bold in Office, Meek on the Trail - TIME
"...As a candidate, Walker has a history of being blandly genial and preternaturally vague. When he's asked policy questions, he gives squishy, milquetoast answers, and seems willing to go to great lengths to avoid saying anything that could get him in trouble later:..." see full article

1428 days ago | theweek
Scott Walker: The gutless wonder of 2016 - The Week Magazine
"...Forcing Mair out was like amputating your finger to deal with a paper cut. Instead of having a problem with a few Iowans and a writer at, Walker has now baffled his admirers across the right..." see full article

1429 days ago | huffingtonpost
Scott Walker's Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Week - Huffington Post

"...It appears, however, that he may have succeeded in alienating both groups this week when he decided to part ways with an aide in charge of his digital communication efforts...." see full article

1429 days ago | rushlimbaugh
Why Scott Walker Scares Barney Frank -
"... I firmly believe a conservative candidate can beat whoever the Democrats nominate in 2016. ..." see full article

1430 days ago | nymag
Scott Walker and the Continuing Power of the Republican Cult of Reagan - New York Magazine
"...Yet the form of the debate helps explain why the reformists were so badly crushed. The history used by the supply-siders may be inaccurate, but the fanaticism with which they purvey it is real. ..." see full article

1431 days ago | washingtonpost
What would Walker vs. Clinton be like? - Washington Post (blog)

"...In just about every way imaginable, Walker is the antithesis of Clinton. There is no doubt that he can run as the change candidate voters say they want...." see full article

1433 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
Scott Walker compares his 'friend' Jeb Bush to failed GOP nominees

"...Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker compared his friend Jeb Bush to several failed GOP presidential nominees Friday, suggesting the Republican establishment is supporting him in part because they owe favors to the Bush family...." see full article

1435 days ago | politifact
Scott Walker says he unsealed his records from college: False - PolitiFact
"...In fact, he has taken only the very limited step of authorizing the school to confirm that he was in "good standing" during his time at Marquette and that he voluntarily withdrew. We haven't seen any records...." see full article

1436 days ago | dailykos
Union-busting is Scott Walker's answer to terrorism, and he's sticking with it

"...Last week, speaking at CPAC, Walker explained that he could handle ISIS because "If I can take on a hundred thousand protesters, I can do the same across the world."..." see full article

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