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Will Scott Walker's Announcement Move Him To The Top Of GOP Contenders?

Scott Walker is announcing his candidacy for President, after months of speculation. Many pundits believe he will shoot to the top of the GOP contenders. Do you agree?

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Will Scott Walker's Announcement Move Him To The Top Of GOP Contenders?  

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last 24 hours | businessinsider
Why Scott Walker is so dangerous - Business Insider - Business Insider

"...Walker then went on to celebrate his triumphs over the demonstrators who objected to his dismantling of Wisconsin's public-sector unions, portraying the pro-union forces as violent thugs. "Those big government interests they believe they can win by intimidating elected officials," he said. "There were amazing things they did to try to intimidate us. The good news is we didn't back down. We remembered the reason we were elected was not to serve the few in our state capitol, but to serve the masses."This is the essence of Walker's appeal and why he is so dangerous. He is not as outrageous as Donald Trump and Sen.Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), but his technique of scapegoating unions for the nation's ills is no less demagogic. Sixty-five years ago, another man from Wisconsin made himself a national reputation by frightening the country about the menace of communists, though the actual danger they represented was negligible. Scott Walker is not Joe McCarthy, but his technique is similar: He suggests that the nation's ills can be cured by fighting labor unions (foremost among the "big government special interests" hurting America), even though unions represent just 11 percent of the American workforce and have been at a low ebb...." see full article

1302 days ago | washingtonpost
Scott Walker wants to drug test food stamp recipients. That shows why he'll ... - Washington Post (blog)

"...First, some context. The drug testing programs for welfare recipients are usually justified by saying they'll save money by rooting out all the junkies on the dole, but in practice they've been almost comically ineffective. In state after state, testing programs have found that welfare recipients use drugs at lower rates than the general population, finding only a tiny number of welfare recipients who test positive.But this hasn't discouraged politicians like Walker, any more than the abysmal failure of abstinence-only sex education discourages them from continuing to advocate it. The test is the point, not the result. Walker isn't trying to solve a practical problem here. He wants to test food stamp recipients as a way of expressing moral condemnation. You can get this benefit, he's saying, but we want to give you a little humiliation so you know that because you sought the government's help, we think you're a rotten person...." see full article

1310 days ago | motherjones
Scott Walker Has a Texas-Sized Fundraising Problem | Mother Jones - Mother Jones

"...The union-busting Wisconsin governor may be a conservative darling, but he's way behind the curve when it comes to courting Texas' biggest money men. Bill Miller, a top Texas lobbyist who regularly advises megadonors on their contributions, says he's heard almost no buzz from the donor class about Walker. In the past, Miller has worked with major political benefactors including the late Bob Perry, a Texas home builder who gave more than $70 million to conservative causes over the years and was the major funder behind the 2004 Swiftboat Veterans for Truthgroup. This year Miller says he's talked to clients about many of the Republican candidates, but not Walker."No one is asking about him," Miller says. "None of our clients. We have a huge client base. It's oddly quiet for a guy that's supposedly top three among the potential nominees."..." see full article

1310 days ago | politico
Waiting for Scott Walker - Politico

"...But the Wisconsin governor's camp, according to three people familiar with the conversations, wasn't interested in taking questions. They simply wanted to deliver a speech and meet people afterwards.Story Continued BelowThe event fell through.That interaction, as much as anything else, provides some insight into why the clear front-runner in Iowa is merely a middle-of-the-pack candidate in New Hampshire. When Walker arrives in the Granite State Thursday, three days after launching his presidential campaign, it will be a rare appearance his first New Hampshire sighting since May. According to figures compiled by U.S. News and World Report, only one Republican has been to the state less than Walker Rick Santorum.Over the July 4 holiday weekend as GOP rivals paraded down Main Streets here, not only was Walker absent his campaign didn't bother to have surrogates march in his absence...." see full article

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1311 days ago | dailynews
Scott Walker has been 'boning up' on foreign policy. He'd better keep studying - LA Daily News
"...That's how Walker answered a question about the Islamic State at the Conservative Political Action Conference in late February, and it still ranks up there as one of the worst foreign policy gaffes of the long campaign season. (Although, at this point, it would be hard to top Donald Trump's comments about Mexican immigrants being rapists.)Sure, it was just one terribly worded, terribly thought-out sentence, but by the time Walker let those words come out of his mouth, he'd already developed a reputation for being uninformed about foreign policy, national security, and the world.It's no wonder, considering exchanges like the one he had with ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz on ABC's This Week. ..." see full article

1311 days ago | foxnews
The media say Scott Walker's campaign has stalled -- are they right? - Fox News

"...Yet the media consensus is that he stumbled and stalled. There was a long period where Walker seemed to fade from the media radar, even before the coverage turned All Trump All the Time. The governor was undoubtedly spending time fundraising and meeting with policy experts, and, well, he's also got a state to run. But that enabled the spotlight to shift to Jeb and Marco, and Ted and Rand, and ultimately The Donald.While Walker leads in Iowa, he is tied nationally for sixth (with Rubio) in a recent CNN poll, but is third, with 8 percent (behind Trump and Bush), in a new USA Today survey.But political junkies should keep in mind that one in five Republican primary voters in a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll didn't even recognize Scott Walker's name...." see full article

1311 days ago | nytimes
Haste, Hustle and Scott Walker - The New York Times - New York Times

"...Walker's cart has a way of getting ahead of Walker's horse. Only after several flubbed interviews earlier this year were there reports that he was taking extra time to bone up on world affairs. This was supposed to be a comfort to us, but what would really be reassuring is a candidate who had pursued that mastery already, out of honest curiosity rather than last-minute need.When allies and opponents talk about his strengths, they seem to focus not on his passion for governing but on his cunning at getting elected. He's a sneaky-smart campaigner, they say, a polished and levelheaded tactician, a master at reading crowds, wrote Kyle Cheney and Daniel Strauss in Politico. He learned the value of ignoring uncomfortable questions, rather than answering them. ..." see full article

1311 days ago | washingtonpost
Scott Walker: Unbending (and unexcitable) - Washington Post

"...Already, there are cracks. Speaking to farmers in Iowa earlier this year, he endorsed the federal ethanol mandate, a reversal of his previous position. Years ago, as Milwaukee County executive, he supported a plan that would create a path to legal status for the nation's 11 million undocumented immigrants. He said in March, My view has changed. But Walker is betting that voters want an unwavering, unflappable leader who knows exactly where he want to go and won't stop until he gets there. He tells audiences he refused to back off on making change in Wisconsin even in the face of death threats, including against his wife, Tonette, and their children...." see full article

1311 days ago | economist
Scott Walker and the 2016 race - The Economist (blog)
"...In electoral terms, Mr Walker's strategy has not been to persuade blue voters of the merits of red policies, but rather to take advantage of partisan polarisation by piling up just enough votes in red counties to compensate for the Democratic stranglehold on places such as Milwaukee County. And he has managed this in off-year elections, when turnout tends to be lower, particularly among Democrats. In 2014, facing a political novice in what turned out to be a wave year for Republicans, he got just 52% of the vote. By comparison, John Kasich racked up 64% in the 2014 race to become governor of Ohio, another swing state (though his opponent was even weaker).Mr Walker may yet turn into a formidable candidate, capable of uniting the party's cultural conservatives with its business wing. But his record in Wisconsin does not on its own suggest that he would thrive in a general election...." see full article

1312 days ago | chicagotribune
Scott Walker enters race as the quieter Donald Trump - Chicago Tribune - Chicago Tribune

"...The question is whether he can be heard above the din of 14 other candidates, and over the roar of one Republican in particular: Donald Trump, who has stolen a march on his rivals since his own announcement June 16.Walker may be able to sell himself as an establishment Republican candidate with the same kind of base-pleasing views as Trump, but with a less bombastic self-presentation. On the surface, you couldn't ask for two more different candidates than the real estate mogul and the preacher's son...." see full article

1312 days ago | foxbusiness
Why Scott Walker Can Win the White House - Fox Business
"...With Scott Walker's bid for the Presidency official we could finally be set for the end of the damaging post-Reagan era. The four leaders during this period, which began on Jan 20, 1989 with the election of President George H.W. Bush and has continued through President Barack Obama, have over-promised and under-delivered their way to $13 trillion in deficit spending. If America chooses to prolong the recent monarchy with a Bush-Clinton general election, the age of post-Reaganism will continue. If we have the courage to go in a different direction, the process of American renewal and reformation can truly begin. I think, ultimately, the post-Reagan era will end with Scott Walker being elected the 45th President of the United States. If you grew up like I did on Long Island in the early 1970s, chances are you went to the Commack Circus. My Nana used to take me. While the elephants were always fun, my favorite part was the clown car. I could never figure out how they got so many clowns out of that tiny car. Today, I am witnessing the same sort of trick happening in my political party. The biggest challenge for television networks will be figuring out how to fit them all on a stage. ..." see full article

1313 days ago | bloombergview
Scott Walker, the Quieter Trump - Bloomberg View
"...This is where the contrast between Walker and Trump ends and the similarities begin. In his political life, Walker has tried to bring about the America that Trump says we need. He did so first as an assemblyman (calling for a harsh "truth in sentencing" law, prison privatization, and voter-ID laws) and then as Milwaukee county executive (making cuts to spending on parks and public transit, and focusing on making life better in the suburbs rather than helping those in the city). By the time he left that post, Milwaukee had the second-highest black poverty rate in the U.S. and an unemployment rate almost four times higher for blacks than for whites.He was elected governor with high turnout among his white base. His first act was to bust the public unions and give businesses a tax break. The idea of alternatives to prison -- adopted by some Republicans -- has no appeal in Wisconsin, which has the highest rate of black males behind bars of any state...." see full article

1313 days ago | motherjones
Yeah, Scott Walker Is Boring. But It's Not Like He's the Only One. - Mother Jones

"...Walker's biggest liability may be this: He is incredibly dull. Not just plodding-speaker dull, though he's often that, too, but an actually boring person. Mitt Romney is nobody's caricature of a party animal, but he could legitimately boast of being an industrial titan, a fixer, and a man of the world. Hillary Clinton isn't particularly charismatic, but her life story is filled with dramatic tension, and nobody who masterminded #Benghazi can be credibly dismissed as boring.Walker, by contrast, is painfully boring. His boringness is evidenced by this sequence of 37 tweets, which go back more than four years.Walker abbrevi8es like a tween. His life turns on snow, dairy, hot ham, Kohls, haircuts, Packers, Badgers, and watching American Idol while eating chili. His critics err when they mock him for lacking a college diploma, but they could be forgiven for observing that his intellectual incuriousness is symptomatic of lacking ambition outside politics...." see full article

1313 days ago | csmonitor
Scott Walker 2016: rock star or villain? - Christian Science Monitor
"...Walker's style is one way to govern, but it's not a centrist or encompassing way to govern, and he'll have to explain himself to the average general election voter in the fall [of 2016], if he gets that far, says Professor Burden.Walker wasn't the only force behind the polarization of Wisconsin politics, but he contributed to it, analysts say. "The broad middle that existed back when Tommy Thompson was governor back in the 1980s and '90s, a lot of that has evaporated," Burden says. "People have chosen sides around Walker pretty quickly, really from his first days in office." ..." see full article

1313 days ago | politicususa
You Could Almost See The Koch Lips Moving As Scott Walker Announced His ... - PoliticusUSA
"...Gov. Walker's whole speech was based on selling himself as someone who can win in blue states because he has managed to survive in Wisconsin. Walker announced his plan to gut federal funding for education, Medicaid and job retraining by disguising this as sending money back to the states. What Walker was referring to was block grants that would lead to fewer people getting services. Walker attacked poor people and talked about the dignity of work. Walker disguised it as helping people move from government dependence to independence. He touted his drug testing of welfare recipients. He claimed that he was making it easy to get a job, but what he has actually done in Wisconsin is throw hundreds of thousands of people off of healthcare while harming senior citizens by cutting Wisconsin's SeniorCare program...." see full article

1313 days ago | newrepublic
Scott Walker Is the Most Boring Presidential Candidate Ever - The New Republic
"...But Walker's biggest liability may be this: He is incredibly dull. Not just plodding-speaker dull, though he's often that, too, but an actually boring person. Mitt Romney is nobody's caricature of a party animal, but he could legitimately boast of being an industrial titan, a fixer, and a man of the world. Hillary Clinton isn't particularly charismatic, but her life story is filled with dramatic tension, and nobody who masterminded #Benghazi can be credibly dismissed as boring.Walker, by contrast, is painfully boring. His boringness is encapsulated by this sequence of 37 incredibly boring tweets, going back more than four years...." see full article

1313 days ago | nytimes
Scott Walker Had a Great Starting Position but Not a Great Start - New York Times

"...Scott Walker's rapid but unsurprising rise to the top of the Republican pack was perhaps the clearest example during the first half of the primary season of the importance of fundamentals: factors that shape the outcome of the race from the very start, like the amount of support from party elites and the potential to build a broad coalition. His ability to appeal to conservatives thanks to his high-profile fight against organized labor in Wisconsin without alienating the rest of the party instantly made him a formidable contender.But the next part of the primary season may offer a very different lesson. In the end, it may underscore that fundamentals are not enough: Candidate..." see full article

1313 days ago | time
Scott Walker Seeks to Calm Conservatives as He Joins 2016 Race - TIME
"...But even among his likely supporters, he still is facing some hesitation. Yes, he's saying the right things and became a conservative hero when he gutted union rights for state workers. But does he mean it? That's his biggest challenge he will have to overcome after he makes official his White House run with a rally on Monday then hits the road to campaign in the early nominating states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. Initially, there was some skepticism from social conservatives, especially on the marriage issue, said Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage.For instance, Walker has acknowledged that he attended the wedding reception for his wife's cousin, Shelli Marquardt, and her wife, Cathy Priem. Even though my position on marriage is still that its defined as between a man and a woman, and I support the constitution of the state, but for someone I love, we've been to a reception, Walker told activists earlier this year during a summit in New Hampshire. Walker's then-19-year-old son Matt was the couple's best man. The couple later was listed as co-hosts for last year's Fourth of July barbecue at the Governor's Mansion in Madison...." see full article

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