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Will The Amtrak Crash Lead To Improvements In Infrastructure?

The deadly train crash in Philadelphia has many people asking why it happened. Will the Amtrak crash lead to improved safety measures and improvements in infrastructure?

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Will The Amtrak Crash Lead To Improvements In Infrastructure?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Will The Amtrak Crash Lead To Improvements In Infrastructure?"
last 24 hours | breitbart
Preliminary Report on Amtrak Crash: No Infrastructure Anomalies - Breitbart News
"...If the left-wing ghouls who raced to capitalize on the terrible Amtrak crash in Philadelphia as leverage to demand more infrastructure spending had the slightest degree of conscience or self-awareness, they'd spend the next few months apologizing to the rest of America for their sins. They don't, so they will learn nothing and remember nothing.As if the evidence that insufficient infrastructure spending didn't cause the crash was not piled high enough already, the preliminary NTSB report was released on Tuesday. Investigators have examined the train braking systems, signals, and track geometry, said the report. Thus far, no anomalies have been noted. ..." see full article

1325 days ago | counterpunch
Derailing Amtrak - CounterPunch
"...If Congress won't provide the money, who will? Infrastructure is the latest investment boom for private funds in search of safe, lucrative returns. Investors are particularly interested in the plum projects with significant profit potential. That would include Amtrak's Northeast Corridor and the US Postal Service...." see full article

1338 days ago | courant
Amtrak Crash Sign Of Failing Infrastructure - Hartford Courant
"...So what's the problem? Modernizing infrastructure requires money and permits. Congress needs to create a long-term funding plan and radically reduce the red tape that drives up costs and ensnarls projects in their infancy. Instead, Congress uses short-term fixes to get past the looming insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund. Congressional efforts to cut red tape are similarly weak...." see full article

1339 days ago | latimes
Despite Amtrak crash, infrastructure spending remains low priority - Los Angeles Times
"...But the prospect of action on infrastructure hasn't even notched upward as the Amtrak toll reached eight dead and more than 200 injured. The very day after the crash, House Republicans voted along party lines to cut Amtrak's funding by nearly one-fifth...." see full article

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1342 days ago | wsws
The Amtrak disaster and America's crumbling infrastructure - World Socialist Web Site
"...The media and political establishment defends the systematic defunding of infrastructure on the grounds that there is no money for levees, bridges and modern rail lines. This claim is made, with a straight face, in a country that spends more money on the military than the next ten nations combined, and that has three times more billionaires than any other...." see full article

1342 days ago | freebeacon
Liberals Don't Wait to Blame Infrastructure for Amtrak Disaster - Washington Free Beacon
"...It is not known how more money could have eliminated the human error in this case...." see full article

1344 days ago | nytimes
Amtrak Crash and America's Declining Construction Spending - New York Times

"...Many airports here look dilapidated relative to those in Asia and Europe. Roads are choked with traffic. The fastest train from Boston to Washingtontakes about six and a half hours. The fastest train from Paris to Marseille a slightly longer distance takes just over three hours...." see full article

1344 days ago | marketwatch
Opinion: Amtrak crash shows the high cost of ignoring infrastructure - MarketWatch
"...It's not just trains. We can't have great highways, or great bridges, or great airports, or a great broadband-communications network because we refuse to pay for them...." see full article

1344 days ago | marketwatch
Opinion: Amtrak crash shows the high cost of ignoring infrastructure - MarketWatch
"...Since then, we've slashed funding on infrastructure with passion. It seems that shovels themselves are being repudiated. At the current rates of spending, we're barely replacing the infrastructure that's wearing out. We're not adding to our productive capacity at all. ..." see full article

1345 days ago | dailycaller
Democrats Exploit Amtrak Crash To Promote Big Government - Daily Caller
"...If true, these reports would indicate that the state of the train, railway, or any other federally-funded infrastructure was irrelevant to the crash. But that didn't stop Democrats from claiming that the crash justified the need to pour more government cash into the program...." see full article

1345 days ago | newyorker
After the Amtrak Crash, It's Time to Get Serious About Transportation ... - The New Yorker

"...Instead of trying to make this vision a reality, Congress continues to chisel away at Amtrak, and public infrastructure generally...." see full article

1345 days ago | nationalreview
The Shameful Rush to Blame the Amtrak Crash... - National Review Online

"...None of those assumptions is obviously true. And more to the point, Amtrak's history of fiscal chaos suggests that the service's problems are not the product of congressional stinginess, but of a faulty assumption (that America needed a passenger rail service) compounded by decades of mismanagement...." see full article

1345 days ago | thefiscaltimes
After the Amtrak Crash: Finding the Money to Fix Our Infrastructure - The Fiscal Times
"...That's not to suggest we must entirely abandon nation building abroad in order to rebuild this country. It's just to point out that Congress should be able to find the money to address our national priorities, something it has miserably failed to do of late. ..." see full article

1345 days ago | cnn
Amtrak crash: Train funding part of congressional hearing - CNN

"...Opposition to funding cuts isn't just coming from Democrats and some Republicans representing districts in the Northeast Corridor are pushing back against conservatives who want to cut funding to Amtrak and privatize the rail service...." see full article

1345 days ago | washingtonpost
The last time Congress passed an Amtrak bill was after a fatal train crash - Washington Post (blog)

"...Tuesday night's devastating derailment on the Northeast Corridor isn't going to change that debate. But don't be surprised if the Senate suddenly finds time to take up the Amtrak reauthorization bill...." see full article

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