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Will The Death Of A Senior Leader Hurt ISIS?

US Special Ops killed Abu Sayyaf, a key leader and commander of ISIS. Will the death of this key leader hurt ISIS's leadership in Syria and Iraq?

60% of writers and pundits say no
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Will The Death Of A Senior Leader Hurt ISIS?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Will The Death Of A Senior Leader Hurt ISIS?"
last 24 hours | thedailybeast
Can the U.S. Shut Up About Secret Raids? - Daily Beast

"...There's a reason why specialized military operations, like the Sayyaf raid, ordinarily aren't disclosed right away. Capture missions are often about gaining intelligence, some of which has a shelf life, and which needs to be acted upon quickly. Broadcasting details of the raid before any intelligence it yielded has been fully analyzed tips off ISIS to their own vulnerabilities and gives them time shore them up...." see full article

1334 days ago | ibtimes
US Targeting ISIS Leaders Won't Stop ISIS Advances In Iraq, Syria - International Business Times
"...ISIS made significant advances in its ground campaign in Iraq's Anbar province over the weekend, in spite of Sayyaf's death and the recent death of ISIS' Anbar governor, Abu Ayman al-Iraqi. On Monday, ISIS claimed it seized the Iraqi city of Ramadi, killing roughly 500 Iraqi soldiers and civilians. In terms of logistics, Sayyaf's death could result in a few weeks of logistical difficulties for ISIS, but he likely has a deputy whose been learning his job and is ready to take his place, said Gambhir. ISIS has yet to announce Sayyaf's replacement, but a look at the group's well-structured leadership hierarchy means it won't be long. The group's major decisions are made by the caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the ISIS Shura Council and the Shariah Council. The Shura Council is made up of Baghdadi's two deputies -- one in charge of Iraq and one in charge of Syria -- and seven to nine heads of the group's various ministries, who are in charge of keeping their ministries in line with ISIS' religious laws. The six-member Shariah Council is the most powerful branch of the terrorist group and is responsible for appointing leaders and advising the caliph..." see full article

1340 days ago | thedailybeast
What Secrets Does the ISIS Widow Know? - Daily Beast

"...Officials believe that Abu Sayyaf, whom the U.S. has called the group's chief financial officer, held key information about the group's kidnapping operations. They also suspect that his wife may have played an operational role in ISIS and likely knows something about how the group captured, held, moved, when they were killed, and in some cases how ISIS ransomed its hostages. In addition, interrogators will want to know if future kidnappings are planned.U.S. officials had hoped that they could learn such details from Abu Sayyaf himself, but in the absence of that, we want to know what she knew, the defense official explained, referring to his wife...." see full article

1340 days ago | thedailybeast
Analysts Say Build on Momentum of Syria Raid To Keep ISIS Off Balance - Daily Beast

"...But while analysts and military veterans see the raid as a successful tactical operation, questions remain about whether higher-value targets may have slipped away earlier. Who they are would provide answers to exactly what American commanders wanted to get from the raid...." see full article

1340 days ago | politico
U.S. says it killed Islamic State's 'chief financial officer' - Politico

"...Although a U.S.-led coalition has dealt the Islamic State significant setbacks, especially in Iraq, the group is far from defeated. Just this week, it captured the government headquarters in Ramadi, the capital of Iraq's Anbar province...." see full article

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