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Will The Death Of An American Hostage Effect The U.S. Drone Program?

A drone strike in Pakistan killed two hostages, including American Warren Weinstein. Will this "collateral damage" change our drone program?

77% of writers and pundits say no
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Will The Death Of An American Hostage Effect The U.S. Drone Program?  

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last 24 hours | dissidentvoice
Taking Responsibility for Drone Killings - Dissident Voice
"...In Yemen and in Pakistan, too, people are speaking out against the murders taking place in their own countries and at great risk to themselves. Lawyers from Reprieve and the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights have filed suit in a German court, charging that the German government has violated its own constitution by allowing the U.S. to use a satellite relay station at Ramstein Air Base in Germany for drone murders in Yemen.Perhaps one day President Obama will be held responsible for these murders. In the meantime, the responsibility that he and his administration shirks belongs to all of us. He cannot hide behind a fog of war and neither can we...." see full article

1362 days ago | huffingtonpost
Warren Weinstein and the Truth About the Drone Wars - Huffington Post

"...The accidental killing of Warren Weinstein is nothing short of a painful, but unfortunately unavoidable, consequence of the drone wars. But for President Obama, most members of Congress, and a majority of the American people, the use of armed, robotic aircraft is a far better alternative than sending American personnel into a dangerous warzone to kill a terrorist suspected of plotting against the United States. ..." see full article

1386 days ago | foreignpolicy
A Drone Killed My Friend, Warren Weinstein - Foreign Policy (blog)
"...It is evident that the rules, which were put into place, are not foolproof. There is a need for transparency and greater accountability. This holds true for the Pakistani government as well, so that the people know exactly how the targets are selected and why there are no alternatives to the use of drones...." see full article

1387 days ago | theatlantic
What the United States Owes Warren Weinstein - The Atlantic

"...Final responsibility does lie with the men who abducted an unarmed 70-year-old aid worker and held him captive for three and a half years. ..." see full article

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1389 days ago | theweek
Warren Weinstein's death by drone is a wake-up call for America - The Week Magazine
"...But a realistic view of recent history shows that it is basically worthless for most of the major tasks we have assigned it. The occupation of Iraq failed. The occupation of Afghanistan failed. The intervention in Libya failed. The proxy war in Somalia failed. The drone war in Yemen is in the process of failing, badly. The last decade of American foreign policy has been a cascade of disasters that has disrupted political order of the Middle East, and then we act all confused when a group like ISIS pops up in the wreckage.So here's my suggestion for how to conduct the drone campaign: don't...." see full article

1390 days ago | nationalreview
When Civilians Die in Drone Attacks, It's Not 'Failure' — It's War - National Review Online

"...Americans weep for Mr. Weinstein and his family, but our mourning must turn not into self-doubt but into rage, a renewed resolve to find and kill terrorists no matter how they hide, or who they hide behind. ..." see full article

1392 days ago | nytimes
Amid Errors, Obama Publicly Wrestles With Drones' Limits - New York Times

"...Rarely has a president wrestled with the grim trade-offs of war as publicly and as agonizingly as Mr. Obama has over the last six years. He wanted to get away from the messy ground wars that his predecessor waged in Iraq and Afghanistan and institute a seemingly cleaner, more exacting form of war, one waged only when there was near certainty that civilians would not be hurt...." see full article

1392 days ago | foreignpolicy
Illusory precision: Some thoughts on drone strikes after the Weinstein incident - Foreign Policy (blog)
"...Unfortunately, there have been hundreds of civilians killed by U.S. counterterrorism operations, despite the very real precautions that the CIA and military undertake to prevent them...." see full article

1393 days ago | nytimes
First Evidence of a Blunder in Drone Strike: 2 Extra Bodies - New York Times

"...But serious questions have already emerged about the intelligence leading up to the strike, about when American officials knew that the hostages had been killed, and about why it took the White House so long to go public with the information. ..." see full article

1393 days ago | washingtonpost
Obama faces up to the grim reality of drone strikes - Washington Post

"...Obama's remarks were most notable for what was missing from them any sense that the tragedy served a greater good. ..." see full article

1393 days ago | huffingtonpost
A Drone Program That Has Killed Hundreds Of Civilians Finally Killed Some ... - Huffington Post

"...Naturally, even though everyone is deeply regretful about the deaths of these two men, there's no reason to believe that the drone program won't continue be conducted with the same robustness as it was before this tragedy was disclosed to the American people...." see full article

1393 days ago | mcall
Noah Feldman: Drone critics must drop the 'fantasy of precision' - Allentown Morning Call
"...When it comes to drones, the fantasy of precision is just that, a fantasy. Killing innocent civilians, whether they're Americans or Pakistanis or Yemenis, is an inevitable reality of war. The right criteria to analyze attacks are the familiar ones of policy and law: Is the strike justified? Is it aimed at a military target? Is it proportional?..." see full article

1393 days ago | newyorker
Warren Weinstein and the Long Drone War - The New Yorker

"...Of course, Al Qaeda, not the Obama Administration, is responsible for Weinstein's miserable fate. Still, the fact that Weinstein's own government accidentally killed him during his fourth year in captivity, and without a rescue ever being attempted is a disturbing coda to the short history of drone warfare. It reminds us that the problem with drones is not just that their operators sometimes make mistakes. ..." see full article

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