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Will The Pope's Visit Change Views On Immigration

With Pope Francis' first visit to the United States, many people expect the first Latin American Pope to discuss immigration. Will the Pope's visit start a dialogue on immigration issues?

64% of writers and pundits say yes
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Will The Pope's Visit Change Views On Immigration  

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last 24 hours | ibtimes
Immigration Reform 2015: Can Pope Francis' US Visit Shift Debate ...
"...Immigration advocates say that toxic rhetoric from Republican presidential candidates and other politicians this year has fostered political gridlock and a climate of fear surrounding undocumented immigrants in the U.S. But the advocates are hoping that Pope Francis, who has frequently spoken about the need to welcome and protect migrants and refugees, will be able to convince U.S. lawmakers and the wider public to take on a more compassionate stance toward immigrants in the country. There are few expectations that the pope will lobby for specific policies or change staunch anti-immigration views, but activists say the pope's message of acceptance of immigrants could help more-moderate policymakers renew a push for comprehensive reform legislation. [The pope] can remind us all of what our humanity calls us to do, versus what our short-term political aspirations compel just a few to do, which is continue to spew hate and division, and turn away from real human solutions," Angelica Salas, executive director of nonprofit advocacy group Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, said...." see full article

1211 days ago | huffingtonpost
The Pope Has A Radical Solution For The Refugee Crisis: The Golden Rule - Huffington Post

"...But other members of Congress oppose that plan, either for national security reasons -- even though all refugees go through an extensive screening process -- or because they say the U.S. doesn't have the resources. The U.S. already gave more than $4 billion in humanitarian aid, and pledged this week to give $419 million more.The pope isn't likely to change all of their minds. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), an ardent opponent of bringing in more refugees or immigrants, told Roll Call on Wednesday that he believes Francis isn't sufficiently steeped in immigration law. "It's always dangerous for church leaders to start opining on complex matters of which they haven't had a chance to learn over the years," he said. Along with refugees, Francis has in the past called for the U.S. to be compassionate to unauthorized immigrants, and in particular the unaccompanied children apprehended along the border in high numbers last year. He will meet with some of them during his trip. ..." see full article

1211 days ago | washingtonpost
Pope Francis is partly right about immigration - Washington Post

"...The Pope is correct that free-markets are to blame for immigration, but not in the way he thinks. The prosperity of free-market countries attracts large numbers of immigrants from less-free ones. Economists Maryam Naghsh Nejad and Andrew T. Young recently found that improving economic freedom is a huge attraction for immigrants .The Pope is deeply and rightly concerned with poverty but he should consider that immigration is an excellent way to fight it. Migration is one of the most successful strategies the World Bank has [studied] to fight poverty raising the wages of Tongan migrants in this example almost 10-fold in a short period of time. No other development project has shown such dramatic improvements and the improvements are scalable ...." see full article

1211 days ago | chicagotribune
Pope Francis, immigration and the Golden Rule - Chicago Tribune

"...But his remarks on immigration were greeted with what appeared to be broad approval. Perhaps that's because there's little disagreement in Congress about the failings of our immigration system and little support for the harsh solutions promoted by Trump and others.A handful of hard-line lawmakers have managed to bottle up every effort to overhaul the system in a reasoned, compassionate way, one that addresses the nation's labor and security needs while offering legal status to the 12 million immigrants who are here without permission...." see full article

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1211 days ago | ktla
Pope Francis Touches on Immigration, Climate Change, Marriage in White House ... - KTLA
"...While some of this themes were sure to please the left, he also delivered a firm defense of traditional values, warning that the institution of marriage and family needed to be protected at "a critical moment in the history of our civilization." Those remarks could irk liberals months after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide.He said that it was right that society was "tolerant and inclusive" but warned that American Catholics were "concerned that efforts to build a just and wisely ordered society respect their deepest concerns and their right to religious liberty. That freedom remains one of America's most precious possessions."Obama gently -- but pointedly -- argued that "here in the United States we cherish religious liberty."..." see full article

1212 days ago | philly
Yogi Berra, Pope Francis and the dying dream of American immigration - (blog)
"...The very first words uttered by Pope Francis on his six-day U.S. odyssey that ends up here in Philadelphia were about immigration. Not that there should be any doubt that -- along with climate change and income inequality -- this is the heart of the holy trinity of issues that really matter to this pontiff right now. He's going to speak a lot more about the immigration issue when he talks in front of Independence Hall on Saturday. He's even slated to meet immigrants -- including some who are undocumented -- during the New York part of the visit.That's not a surprise. The spiritual artist formerly known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio is himself the child of immigrants who fled from Italy -- and the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini -- for Argentina in the late 1920s, less than a decade before he was born. As pope, he's spoken eloquently of the plight of migrants -- most recently from the fighting in Syria -- and how human decency must be stronger than walls and fences. But at the moment this morning when Pope Francis spoke about how immigrants built the U.S., I happened to be thinking about another son of Italian immigrants...Yogi Berra...." see full article

1212 days ago | huffingtonpost
Women Walk 100 Miles To See Pope Francis, Plead For Immigration Reform - Huffington Post

"..."I know he's not going to be able to change the laws -- I have that very clear," she said. "But what I do know is that he does have the power when he speaks. When he speaks, he can transcend religions, he can transcend colors. He can move a nation. And he will move a mountain if he speaks to the mountain, that I know."President Barack Obama similarly applauded Francis' commitment to refugees and immigrants when welcoming him to the White House on Wednesday."You remind us that 'the Lord's most powerful message' is mercy," he said. "That means welcoming the stranger with empathy and a truly open heart -- from the refugee who flees war-torn lands to the immigrant who leaves home in search of a better life."..." see full article

1212 days ago | huffingtonpost
Pope Francis: U.S. 'Was Largely Built By' Immigrant Families - Huffington Post

"...Pope Francis began his remarks to Americans on Wednesday by applauding the nation's immigrant history -- a message that, although not political itself, could foreshadow more to come from a man who has long urged compassion for refugees and unauthorized immigrants. "I am deeply grateful for your welcome in the name of all Americans," the pope said at the White House after being welcomed by President Barack Obama. "As the son of an immigrant family, I am happy to be a guest in this country, which was largely built by such families.""I look forward to these days of encounter and dialogue, in which I hope to listen to, and share, many of the hopes and dreams of the American people," he continued...." see full article

1212 days ago | latimes
Immigration and environment likely topics in Pope Francis' first US tour - Los Angeles Times
"...He has tried to distance himself from ideology. While his positions on immigration and climate change and his critiques of inequality and the excesses of capitalism endear him to the political left, his strict adherence to church doctrine opposing abortion and gay marriage put him on common ground with conservatives.The 78-year-old pope was born and grew up in Argentina, where he spent the early part of his career in the clergy.He was selected by the cardinals after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, who had failed to lift the church from a deepening rut of scandal and a growing sense that the church was out of touch with modern times.Francis has emphasized service to the poor and the forgotten and preached forgiveness over condemnation. His humble style made him an instant star. He eschewed the papal apartment and traditional red velvet footwear in favor of simple living quarters in the Vatican and basic black shoes. He blessed a beggar by kissing his feet...." see full article

1212 days ago | time
Why Immigration Is Different for Pope Francis - TIME
"...The moment was subtle but subversive, in a way that this pontiff excels. America is in the midst of a years-long argument about immigration, a political fight whose divisions have only seemed to deepen as the 2016 presidential race gets underway.But while Pope Francis has proudly interjected himself into the debate over climate change inside the United States and helped broker a rapprochement with Cuba, he has approached immigration more at the symbolic level. On the plane ride to the U.S., Francis lamented that he was not able to follow through on his original wish to enter the country by crossing the border from Mexico...." see full article

1212 days ago | washingtonpost
As pope evokes nation of immigrants, a report shows it's not reflected in Congress - Washington Post

"...Pope Francis began his speech on the White House lawn Wednesday with a nod to America's immigrant roots. As the son of an immigrant family, I am happy to be a guest in this country, which was largely built by such families, he began.But when the pontiff speaks to Congress Thursday morning, hardly any of the lawmakers in attendance directly understand the immigrant experience...." see full article

1212 days ago | theguardian
Francis and Sophie's secret: girl who hugged pope delivers immigration plea - The Guardian

"...Francis's efforts to focus the church on the poor and the marginalized has given hope to many immigrant communities in the US and around the world that his message will reach the political leaders who ultimately determine their fates. Pope Francis's White House message: what was he really saying to America? Read moreMartha Jauregui, a part of the immigration advocacy group, Hermandad Mexicana Transnacional, which organized for Sophie and a handful of others to come Washington to deliver their immigration message, said she hopes Francis calls on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform on Thursday. The pope's an immigrant, so he understands our plight, she said. He's in the particular position to touch people's hearts. ..." see full article

1212 days ago | politico
Pope brings hope for Latinos - Politico

"...For Latino lawmakers, however, Francis' words resonate the most on the issue of immigration. And after losing their best shot at immigration reform in a generation, advocates are latching onto Francis's historic visit to jolt the rhetoric and debate over immigrants that has swerved sharply to the right.Born in Buenos Aires, Francis is the first leader of the Catholic Church to hail from Latin America and has focused much of his papacy on liberalizing immigration policies and showing compassion for migrants. Religious leaders expect Francis to promote that message during his speech to Congress on Thursday -- a theme advocates hope will be a subtle rebuke to the GOP, whose presidential primary has been characterized by a hardline tone and position toward immigration. This is the quintessential heavenly pushback to Donald Trump's foolish statements, said the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. This is God's response to nativism and xenophobia: A Latino pope at the White House. Praise the Lord. ..." see full article

1213 days ago | washingtontimes
Pope Francis' views on climate change, immigration, income ...
"...Conservative Catholics and many U.S. church leaders have been flummoxed to put it mildly by some of Francis' policy stances, as well as by his apparently offhand remarks playing down traditional doctrine and a focus on sex-related issues such as abortion, homosexuality and the sanctity of marriage.The pope's role in the revival of U.S. ties with Cuba and the Vatican's recent endorsement of the nuclear deal with Iran have only heightened those concerns.A backlash has already developed, reflected in falling personal approval ratings for the pope among self-described American Catholic conservatives. Only 45 percent of conservative Catholics now say they have a favorable view of Francis, according to a recent Gallup poll, down from 72 percent just a year ago...." see full article

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