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Will The Smoking Ban In Beijing Work?

Beijing, the capital of China, has instituted an indoor smoking ban, along with a ban outdoors near schools and parks. With over 50% of residents smokers, will the cigarette ban work?

86% of writers and pundits say no
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Will The Smoking Ban In Beijing Work?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Will The Smoking Ban In Beijing Work?"
last 24 hours | npr
How Does A City Stop 4 Million Smokers From Lighting Up? - NPR

"...China's capital city of Beijing enacted a tough new ban on indoor smoking this month. Enforcing that ban isn't the no-brainer you might think. Until recently, it wasn't uncommon to see doctors, nurses and patients all lighting up and puffing away in the hallways, bathrooms and stairwells of hospitals.Some Beijingers have noticed an improvement since June 1, when the city rolled out the new ban. The fines for violating it have been hiked from the equivalent of $1.60 to $32. Inspectors have reportedly fanned out to nab scofflaws. Repeat offenders may be publicly named and shamed.But Beijing is hardly the first city in China to impose such a ban. Nor is this the first time Beijing has done it. Previous bans in 1995 ahead of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 were laxly enforced. This time, though, official credibility is on the line...." see full article

1317 days ago | weeklystandard
Beijing to Try Another Smoking Ban - The Weekly Standard (blog)

"...That's a central irony about China that a lot of people miss. The Chinese political system is undeniably centralized and downright tyrannical. Sadly, the newly installed president Xi Jingping also appears to be significantly more repressive than his most recent predecessors. But there is a freedom-loving spirit to the Chinese population that seems congenitally hostile to the concept of dictatorship and illegitimate governance. The idea seems to be, who are these unelected "leaders" to tell me where or when I can't smoke? (Interestingly, Taiwan and Hong Kong, two parts of China that enjoy largely democratic governance, have smoking bans that are widely observed.) It's enough to make one optimistic about the chance for a democratic future of the world's most populous nation if not about the lung health of its population...." see full article

1324 days ago | scmp
Hundreds of inspectors sent out to enforce smoking bans in Beijing - South China Morning Post (subscription)
"...Offenders face fines of 200 yuan, a sharp increase from the previous 10 yuan penalty. Those who break the rules three times will be named and shamed on city government websites. Restaurants also face fines of up to 10,000 yuan for failing to stop people from smoking indoors.Anti-tobacco advocates have welcomed the move, but some doubt the new rules will be effectively enforced. Internet users said they saw people smoking in office buildings and railway stations without being stopped yesterday.At lunchtime, the South China Morning Post visited seven restaurants along Guijie, Beijing's popular downtown dining street. Waiters in two restaurants allowed people to smoke inside...." see full article

1326 days ago | nytimes
Beijing Bans Public Smoking, but Enforcement Poses a Challenge - New York Times

"...CONTINUE READING THE MAIN STORYThe employee said those officials were expected to warn the nightclub before any inspections, so there would be ample time to extinguish cigarettes and clear away the ashtrays...." see full article

1326 days ago | cnn
Beijing rolls out China's toughest smoking ban...but will it work? - CNN

"...It's not the first time Beijing has tried to tackle its smoking problem -- a previous ban launched in 2008 was widely ignored. After closing them with great fanfare, the airport quietly reopened the smoking rooms in its terminals.Anyone who breaks the law three times will find themselves named and shamed on a government website. Schwartl nder at the WHO says effective enforcement in a city the size of Beijing will be a "colossal task" but the law "deserves to be regarded as a major step forward in the battle against the smoking dragon."..." see full article

1326 days ago |
Fears over enforcement as Beijing bans indoor smoking - Yahoo News

"...Despite a government awareness campaign that saw posters detailing the law displayed in restaurants and offices around the city, many doubt authorities will implement it effectively. Nightclubs had been singled out as a potential problem area, Zhang Jianshu, president of the Beijing Tobacco Control Association, told the China Daily newspaper...." see full article

1326 days ago | en.prothom-alo
Beijing bans indoor smoking - Prothom Alo (English)
"...Various parties -- the police, building managers, tenants and health inspectors -- have been called on to implement the ban, but the law "fails to make clear who is ultimately responsible, thus leaving the possibility that they will pass the buck to each other", state-run newspaper Beijing Youth Daily pointed out.The law -- limited to the capital -- is not China's first such effort.A similar nationwide measure was passed in 2011, albeit without financial sanctions, but implementation was lacklustre.Environmental and safety laws in China are often openly flouted because of limited official oversight, or corruption in the form of bribes to law enforcers.Cigarettes remain cheap, with packs often costing less than 10 yuan, and some Chinese experts say the Beijing law still does not go far enough...." see full article

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