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Will The U.S. Public Accept Bruce Jenner As A Woman?

With his long anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer only weeks away, will the public still accept and love Bruce Jenner as a transwoman?

57% of writers and pundits say yes
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Will The U.S. Public Accept Bruce Jenner As A Woman?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Will The U.S. Public Accept Bruce Jenner As A Woman?"
last 24 hours | thedailybeast
Bruce Jenner's Republican Challenge

"...It was less violent, less incendiary than the 1969 riots of course, but it was in its far quieter way revolutionary, radical, and game-changing. The explanation of a transgender person's personal journey has never been so fully told, and in the context of transgender cultural history and present-day legal discrimination.And the negative reactions? Nothing but a couple of dumb jokes from Bill Maherand Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian's doofus-seeming ex, who immediately claimed his one-liner tweet wasn't intended as a slight on Jenner...." see full article

1362 days ago |
Critic's Notebook: Bruce Jenner, Nobody's Punchline Now
"...n turn, Jenner spoke movingly about his life-long struggle. His simple and articulate explanations stripped away all the months of voyeuristic speculation and media mockery. After tonight, he can no longer be a punchline...." see full article

1363 days ago | tmz
Bruce Jenner Tells Diane Sawyer ... 'Farewell to Bruce'

"...Bruce realizes he has already become a target for people who either don't understand why he's transitioning or those who have outright contempt for it. ..." see full article

1380 days ago | buzzfeed
The Importance Of Bruce Jenner's Very Public Transition - BuzzFeed ...
"...There has been both leave-Jenner-alone sympathy and, from segments of the LGBT community, please-join-us inclusion...." see full article

1382 days ago | usatoday
Reports: Bruce Jenner filming 'journey' to female - USA Today

"...Transgender people have come a long way since they were viewed as freaks in the mid-20th-century when Christine Jorgensen became the first American woman widely famous for getting sex reassignment surgery in Denmark in 1951...." see full article

1382 days ago | hollywoodlife
Kim Kardashian Has Fears About Bruce Jenner Going Public In A ...
"...Bruce's future public appearances especially when he starts presenting more like a woman would draw a lot of negative attention..." see full article

1383 days ago | nytimes
The Transition of Bruce Jenner: A Shock to Some, Visible to All ...

"...Mr. Jenner's potential problems include the multitudes of people and not just sympathetic transgender campaigners who are trying to squeeze every bit of gain they can out of him. ..." see full article

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