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Will Tom Brady Win His Appeal?

Following Deflategate, Tom Brady was handed down a 4-game suspension. The star quarterback has appealed the ruling. Do you think Brady will win his appeal?

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Will Tom Brady Win His Appeal?  

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last 24 hours | forbes
How Tom Brady Wins His DeflateGate Appeal
"...The NFLPA will argue the suspension is based strictly on circumstantial and hearsay evidence without any direct evidence establishing that Brady was complicit in a conspiracy to deflate footballs. The Union will also argue that the four game suspension is far too severe and violates the basic legal principle of proportionality the punishment must fit the crime. Specifically, they will say the rules provide that if any individual alters the footballs, or if a non-approved ball is used in the game, the person responsible will be subject to discipline, including but not limited to, a fine of $25,000.  While this language clearly does not limit the penalty to $25,000, it nevertheless establishes a baseline for the punishment, and the suspension represents a dramatic and unwarranted departure from that baseline.The NFL will come right back and remind the Union that Brady's 4 games suspension includes failing to cooperate with the investigation. That might be a good time for the Union to remind the NFL that it only fined Brett Favre $50,000 for not cooperating with its investigation into the Jenn Sterger texting saga...." see full article

1299 days ago | bostonglobe
Tom Brady will have tough time beating Roger Goodell in court
"...In short, he must beg for mercy. Goodell is certainly likely to uphold the conclusions in Wells's report and Troy Vincent's punishments, of which Goodell approved.Obviously, Brady won't be begging for mercy. By all appearances he will be fighting his punishment until the end.Instead, Brady is more likely to use his NFL appeal to lay the groundwork for his impending lawsuit, in which they must establish a violation of industrial due process that the discipline and appeals process was unfairly stacked against Brady...." see full article

1299 days ago | espn.go
Tom Brady should skip appeal, tell truth now

"...Brady needs to come clean right now. This is not about Brady's agent, Don Yee, or his father, Tom Sr., because agents and parents are expected to scream and shout while protecting their own. This is about the quarterback of the New England Patriots, nobody else.Brady should hit the mute button on Yee and pass on his right to appeal. He should instruct the players' union to stand down. He should do the right thing here and admit that he knowingly broke the rules, that he was chin strap-deep in the illegal deflation of game balls, and that he deserves a four-game suspension that was always a fitting penalty for his cheating and refusal to cooperate with Ted Wells...." see full article

1299 days ago | espn.go
Not much hope for Tom Brady in appeal

"...Brady refused to turn over his text messages and emails during the Wells investigation. In the arbitration process, he will be compelled to give the NFL the material he did not want the NFL to see. When Brady's emails and texts are added to the texts from John Jastremski, the assistant equipment manager, and James McNally, the locker room attendant who took the footballs into the bathroom moments before kickoff, the case against Brady could easily become stronger and more difficult for Brady to answer.Brady and his attorneys obviously know he must turn over this material to the arbitrator. They will try to present it in a way that shows Brady is innocent. But if the evidence shows innocence, then why didn't Brady turn over the material earlier?..." see full article

1299 days ago | bostonherald
Report: Roger Goodell won't yield in Tom Brady's appeal - Boston Herald
"...Smith said he has serious concerns about whether the NFL's discipline process has been fair to Brady and about the magnitude of the punishment. He also said Goodell is simply not credible to serve as the appeals officer, citing failures in notable recent cases of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson where his punishments were overturned. In any case where we believe the commissioner or any employee at the NFL is a necessary witness for a fair process, like we do here, we also believe he can't both be a witness then an arbitrator on his own credibility, Smith said in an interview on ESPN.Smith left open the possibility that the union would go to court to try and force Goodell out as the appeals officer, something the union hinted at last week when it told the NFL it would pursue all available relief to obtain an arbitrator who is not evidently partial. ..." see full article

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