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Will Trump Be Taken Seriously?

Donald Trump has officially entered the 2016 Presidential race. Will the billionaire real estate mogul be taken seriously?

88% of writers and pundits say no
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Will Trump Be Taken Seriously?  

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last 24 hours | politico
Donald Trump 2016: Leads GOP field in latest poll - POLITICO - Politico

"...The latest poll comes on the heels of a Trump event in Phoenix last weekend, which drew thousands of supporters and a fair number of protesters upset with his various statements in which he declared that rapists and murderers are coming across the border from Mexico and from elsewhere. Last Friday, he met with the families of people killed by undocumented Mexican immigrants. And last weekend, he was joined on stage by Jamiel Shaw, a man who talked about how an undocumented immigrant shot and killed his son...." see full article

1312 days ago | forbes
Amidst Donald Trump's Riches, Some Very Poor Branding - Forbes
"...The problem is that Donald Trump's awareness is almost entirely anchored on one thing his pompousness. According to the Brand Asset Valuator, which examines perceptions of more than 15,000 US consumers, 100% of consumers perceive him as arrogant 100%! He's also seen as upper class, independent, unapproachable, leader and daring but these perceptions all buttress his arrogant image.So when Trump conflated wealth and power on Tuesday, he squandered an opportunity to add much-needed depth to his persona. As a businessman, he'd have done better to take cues from another bastion of riches like Stanford...." see full article

1337 days ago | fortune
What Donald Trump can learn from Ross Perot - Fortune
"...Given that Trump has a history of testy relationships with the media see his epic Twitter meltdown after a somewhat unflattering BuzzFeed article last year this could be a real problem as the bloodhounds of the political media corps are let loose on Candidate Trump.The biggest hurdle for businesspeople trying to become politicians, though, is the fact that communicating a business plan with your employees is extremely different from communicating a plan for a country to voters. No matter how much we may say otherwise, a nation is not a business. And the tactics that work when you want to sell your rank-and-file at Company X that your plan will make everyone rich will not fly when you need to sell a Middle America voter that your plan will bring peace and prosperity to everyone...." see full article

1337 days ago | bgr
Just When You Thought Trump's Joke of a Presidential Campaign Couldn't Get ... - BGR
"...Donald Trump has no chance of winning the Republican nomination, let alone winning the presidency. He is disliked by a large majority of Americans a recent ABC poll showed that 71% of Americans had an unfavorable view of him, which is a worse mark than either Jimmy Carter or George W. Bush ever had even at the peaks of their unpopularity. Because of this, we were a little surprised to see that Trump had any enthusiastic supporters attending his big announcement speech earlier this week but it turns out that many of them were actually just paid shills.The Hollywood Reporter found a casting call that was posted last Friday that asked for actors who would be willing to wear Trump 2016 t-shirts and to cheer him on during his big speech. We are looking to cast people for the event to wear t-shirts and carry signs and help cheer him in support of his announcement, the casting call reads. We understand this is not a traditional background job,' but we believe acting comes in all forms and this is inclusive of that school of thought. ..." see full article

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1338 days ago | thedailybeast
These Are the Dictators Donald Trump Loves - Daily Beast

"...There were actual white flecks of spittle dotting the corner of Donald Trump's mouth Monday as he explained to a weary nation that what it needed most was a CEO who can defeat ISIS with air conditioning and restore American greatness by giving tyrants all they've ever wanted from us sky-stabbing gilt high-rises, multiethnic beauty pageants, and a big swinging dick with whom they can build up the bottom line. One day, a future Gibbon will mark The Donald's live-from-the-barstool candidacy announcement as the moment the decline and fall of the new Rome went from likely to inevitable. For now, we have only PolitiFact to tweet us through civilizational collapse.The demise of great powers is never a merely a self-manufactured affair, and your humble correspondent sniffs a foreign plot against America in the anointing of pucker-lipped real estate mogul for commander-in-chief. Let's start with all the dodgy regimes and dictators Trump has praised or apologized for or fecklessly attempted to understand in his long march to the White House...." see full article

1338 days ago | gawker
Donald Trump's Grossly Exaggerated Net Worth: A Timeline - Gawker
"...As cartoon plutocrat and sentient overripe pear Donald Trump officially entered the Republican presidential race Tuesday, he pointedly brandished a financial disclosure statement that asserts his net worth to be in the neighborhood of 9 billion dollars. How much is Trump really worth? If history is any guide, the safe answer is: much less than he says he does.Here's a timeline of how much money visualized with the help of graphs Donald Trump has claimed to have through the years, and how accurate those claims were according to the best sources available at the time...." see full article

1338 days ago | mediaite
Donald Trump's First Speech Was Basically Filled With Lies - Mediaite
"...This may be shocking to some, but newly-announced presidential candidate Donald Trump s announcement speech was filled with exaggerations and blatant lies.The Washington Post's Glenn Kessler probably summed it up by declaring Trump's speech a fact checker's dream and nightmare. He spouts off so many facts,' often twisted or wrong, that it takes a lot of time to hack through the weeds. But hack they did. As a rule, the Post does not assign its trademark Pinocchio rating system to presidential announcement speeches, but it isn't difficult to tell which claims they found were complete bull...." see full article

1339 days ago | time
8 Epic Business Failures with Donald Trump's Name on Them - TIME
"...On Tuesday, Donald Trump threw his name into the ring as an official candidate for president in 2016. I'm using my own money. I'm not using the lobbyists. I'm not using donors, Trump explained of his candidacy, before adding a heaping dose of trademark bluster: I don't care. I'm really rich. As for why he's running, Trump pointed to his business sense and declared, We need somebody that can take the brand of the United States and make it great again. Yet time and again over the years, the Trump brand has been featured in many embarrassing high-profile flops in the business world. Here are some of the misfires attached to the Trump name...." see full article

1339 days ago | nationalreview
Witless Ape Rides Escalator - National Review Online

"...The Trump conglomerate is the Argentina of limited-liability companies, having been in bankruptcy as recently as 2009. To be sure, a lot of companies went bankrupt around then. The Trump gang went bankrupt in 2004, too, and in 2001. Before that, Trump was in bankruptcy court back in 1991 when his Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City the nation's first casino-cum-strip-club, an aesthetic crime against humanity that is tacky by the standards of Atlantic City turned out to be such a loser that Trump could not make his debt payments. The closing of that casino has been announced at least twice it was supposed to shut its doors in December, but it limps on...." see full article

1339 days ago | chicagotribune
Why Donald Trump is running for president — and why it's great to have him - Chicago Tribune

"...So if Trump was going to run for president, a move that requires NBC to look at whether he can continue hosting "The Celebrity Apprentice" in light of equal-airtime rules, the 2016 cycle isn't a bad time to do it. And to be honest, he's hardly alone in using the campaign cycle to fuel a media career. Long-shot candidates such as Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson are probably in the race in part to boost book sales, radio appearances and their Fox News relevance.Trump may be splashier and trashier than other contestants who are playing a similar game, but in a way, there's something valuable and clarifying about his presence in the race. Most of the campaign is entertainment and self-aggrandizement, whether the contestants are, in reality television parlance, "there for the right reasons" or not...." see full article

1339 days ago | esquire
Donald Trump Elbows His Way into the Republican Clown Car - (blog)
"...And then, of course, there is Donald Trump, who will actively pretend to run for president this time around, and who announced his intentions in a speech that apparently was written by elves who learned English 20 minutes before Trump walked on stage."Politicians are all talk, no action. Nothing is going to get done. They will not bring us, believe me, to the promise land. They will not. I've been on the circuit making speeches and I hear my fellow Republicans and they're wonderful people, I like them! They all want me to support them! ... I watch the speeches of these people and they say, 'The sun will rise, the moon will set! All sorts of wonderful things will happen!'"..." see full article

1340 days ago | politico
Seven Reasons the GOP Should Fear Donald Trump - Politico

"...He's a nuisance, a hothead, totally unqualified, a spoiler. But enough about Pat Buchanan, whose surprisingly strong, populist, mad as hell primary campaign against George H. W. Bush in 1992 left the Bush faction reeling all the way to their defeat in the general election. That nobody thinks Donald Trump has any hope of winning a primary, much less a single debate, makes it all the easier for him to surprise reporters simply by doing better than expected. If Donald Trump can manage a clever quip or two in the first debate, poke fun at himself, and not set his lectern, or the moderator daring to question him, on fire, he'll impress the hell out of nearly everyone. Besides...#3. The Front-runners Are Safe and BoringYou don't spent 14 seasons out-grandstanding a pack of desperate ego maniac celebrities and not know a thing or two about commanding attention. With all due respect to Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, they can't hold a candle, much less a soundbite, against the likes of Joan Rivers and Gary Busey. Trump knows how to take complicated issues and fit them into bumper-sticker phrases that can appeal to regular Joes (and Janes), even if they sound crazy to everyone else...." see full article

1340 days ago | businessinsider
Donald Trump says GDP is 'never' below 0%... except it's bel... - Business Insider

"...Donald Trump is running for president. In his announcement speech on Tuesday, he said a lot of things. But among those things was a claim that GDP is "never" below 0%. Except GDP is below 0% all time. ..." see full article

1340 days ago | nytimes
Donald Trump Runs for President (This Time for Real, He Says) - New York Times

"...In the past, Mr. Trump's presidential posturing has seldom been taken seriously, and for good reason: Before the 2000 and 2012 elections, he hyped up the possibility of seeking the White House before abandoning the idea. Mr. Trump's remarks in Midtown Manhattan were unlikely to allay suspicions that he is entering the race mainly to appear in debates and win attention from the media. He bragged extensively about the golf resorts he owns ( I have the best courses in the world ) and a hotel he is developing in Washington. Over the course of a more than 40-minute speech, Mr. Trump warned that the stock market may collapse again and ridiculed Secretary of State John F. Kerry for having broken his leg in a bicycle accident...." see full article

1340 days ago | washingtonexaminer
How Donald Trump's candidacy helps Hillary Clinton - Washington Examiner
"...Donald Trump shouldn't be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, but to the extent that he could affect the race it all, it will be to help Hillary Clinton.If Clinton is going to win, one of the ways that she'll do so is to convey the image that she has more stature and gravitas than any of the Republicans.As it is, with 15 expected candidates (not including Trump), the Republican field has already taken on the image of being a bit of a circus. Trump now adds to that perception, and because he has the highest name recognition of any Republican candidate, he'll help define field for lower-information voters...." see full article

1340 days ago | fivethirtyeight
Why Donald Trump Isn't A Real Candidate, In One Chart - FiveThirtyEight
"...Trump is the anti-LeBron popularity is performance in politics, and Trump is the first candidate in modern presidential primary history to begin the campaign with a majority of his own party disliking him. A whopping 57 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable view of Trump, according to an average of the three most recent polls. That beats former record holder Pat Buchanan, who had a 43 percent unfavorable rating at this point in the 2000 election cycle.1 Buchanan, of course, ended up running as an independent.Taking into account name recognition, Trump's net favorability rating (favorable minus unfavorable) of -32 percentage points stands out for its pure terribleness at this point in the campaign. Like his unfavorable rating, it is by far the worst of the 106 presidential candidates since 1980 who are in our database...." see full article

1340 days ago | politico
Welcome to the Donald Trump Show - Politico

"...Like a middle-age dad lounging on his couch, talking back at what he hears broadcast on the Fox News Channel, the real estate mogul made his presidential campaign announcement Tuesday morning from the atrium of Trump Tower in Manhattan. Sounding less like a politician (which he isn't) and more like a salesman (which he is) Trump retailed his policy baloney by the yard in a speech that had all of the coherence of a man suffering the blind staggers. Free trade is terrible. Free trade can be wonderful if you have smart people. But we have stupid people, Trump said, making that rictus of disbelief look with his opposable lips.According to Trump, there's no problem on the political horizon trade with China; the Iranian bomb; infrastructure; the national debt; offshore manufacturing; health care, et al. that he can't solve by applying his pure will. As conversational as the guy sitting next to you on a transcontinental flight, Trump rambled up and down his rhetorical scales. Forever portraying the United States as a backward, put-upon, and defeated nation, Trump proclaimed, When did we beat Japan at anything? Well, come to think of it, the 70th anniversary of the island nation's unconditional surrender to America is coming up in two months, but never mind the fact-checking when Trump is speaking...." see full article

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