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Will Wal-Mart Face Backlash For Refusing To Sell Confederate Flag Items?

Wal-Mart has announced that they will cease selling any item that contains the Confederate Flag. Will they face backlash for this bold political move?

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Will Wal-Mart Face Backlash For Refusing To Sell Confederate Flag Items?  

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last 24 hours | salon
Wal-Mart could not care less: Capitalism, the Confederate flag and the steep ... - Salon

"...No consciences were engaged in making these decisions, just the bottom line. And that line hasn't or ever will be about us.Making white-dominated power structures bleed from their pockets over their racism has been one of the most effective tactics to make them respect black people for decades.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. knew this when he lead the Montgomery Bus Boycotts that lasted more than a year, after authorities refused to desegregate bus seating. The loss of paying black passengers nearly left the bus company in bankruptcy. A Supreme Court ruling forcing the bus line to desegregate seating was the nail in the coffin but the boycotts articulated a clear message: Disrespect black people and we will disrespect your wallet...." see full article

1328 days ago | salon
Walmart doesn't get any credit for not selling the Confederate flag - Salon

"...It's all fantastic news, really, save for the fact that none of these places should have been selling the flag in the first place.The horrendous symbolism of the Confederate flag was, prior to the Charleston massacre, mostly ignored. In lieu of other issues and other debates, the fact that it was still flown on flagpoles, worn as fashion accessories and sold by major retailers was almost taken for granted as a thing that we'd just have to learn to live with. This despite the unequivocal reality, whatever conservatives would argue, of what that flag really means. Simply stated: It not only represents all of the terrible things that orbit the American Civil War, including, to repeat, treason against the United States, but it's a symbol of the terrible Lost Cause mythology that emerged following Reconstruction...." see full article

1330 days ago | bustle
Walmart Pulls All Confederate Flag Merchandise From Its Stores & It's The Right Response To The Charleston Shooting
"...Now that the Confederate flag's image has swiftly gone from uncomfortable to something close to banned, it wouldn't be wholly surprising if other mega-retailers think Amazon and eBay, both of whom CNN asked about removing the item followed Walmart's lead. Profit-wise, Walmart remains the world's largest company, and its influence can't be underestimated.Photos of Roof from his Facebook page and what appears to be his white supremacist website, which is still being investigated by authorities but thought to belong to Roof, show him brandishing the Confederate flag, a firearm, and racist flags. The close association between the devastating shooting and the Confederate flag has sparked a revival of the anti-Confederate flag movement, and if Haley and Graham's calls for change are promptly answered, South Carolina's government buildings will no longer show off the flag. It's unclear if other states will follow South Carolina's example...." see full article

1333 days ago | washingtonpost
As Walmart goes, so goes the nation, or vice versa - Washington Post

"...It didn't need to make a move on the issue unlike the religious freedom laws that sparked outcries from companies across the country, no other retailer had made the decision to remove all Confederate flag products from its offerings (though Sears also announced that it will be ending third-party sales of the flag on its online marketplace). And this issue in particular touches Wal-Mart at its roots. Wal-Mart was born in Arkansas and is the store in some ways of the old Confederacy, the store of the deep South and the heartland. Across the South, Wal-Mart is a hugely prominent force in how people live, Fishman said.By rejecting the flag that some Southerners still claim as a symbol of their heritage, Wal-Mart is not just following the cultural conversation, they're shaping it, he said...." see full article

1333 days ago | salon
After Charleston, Walmart dumps the Confederate flag: Can they stop selling guns next?

"...Oh, Walmart, you shouldn't have. You too, Sears. I don't mean to sound ungrateful here. That the two retail behemoths have decided to stop selling Confederate flag merchandise is a hopeful act of progress. There's just something about the fact that it only took a massacre to finally address the issue that makes it a little hard right now to let the congratulations and kudos flow freely. And the whole still selling guns thing feels a tad like missing the big picture.On Monday, Walmart, the country's largest retailer, issued a statement via spokesman Brian Nick that We never want to offend anyone with the products that we offer. We have taken steps to remove all items promoting the Confederate flag from our assortment whether in our stores or on our web site. We have a process in place to help lead us to the right decisions when it comes to the merchandise we sell. Still, at times, items make their way into our assortment improperly this is one of those instances. Funny, they sure didn't seem to mind offending people who have a problem with the flag a week ago...." see full article

1333 days ago | vanityfair
Walmart and Sears to Stop Selling Confederate-Flag Products
"...It bears mentioning that these companies could well have pulled this merchandise before Nikki Haley's Monday announcement. That the retailers suddenly felt as though offering these products was untenable suggests, however, that this week could prove to be a pivotal moment in the nation's relationship with the battle flag. (Then again, the Stars and Bars still appears in Mississippi's state flag.)CNN notes that other online mega-retailers, such as Amazon and eBay, have not made any statements regarding their Confederate-flag and flag-related merchandise sales, despite eBay's policy against the sale of items that "promote hatred or racial supremacy including historic and current items."..." see full article

1333 days ago | ringoffireradio
Walmart Does One Thing Right and Stops Selling Confederate Flags
"...The Confederate flag is a symbol of racism and hate, and only in the last week has the debate prompted any action. However, the debate was reignited after Dylann Roof walked into the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina and killed nine people. After the shooting, outcries against the flag prompted Republican South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to remove the confederate flag from the statehouse grounds.The removal of the Confederate flag isn't just exclusive to flags. Walmart, eBay, Amazon, and Sears will discontinue the sale of any items related to or containing the Confederate flag.The flag has become a contemporary symbol of divisiveness and racism, said an Amazon spokesperson...." see full article

1333 days ago | thestranger
Walmart [and now Amazon] to Stop Selling Items with Confederate Flag
"...So, now we learn that Walmart and Sears have been happily making a profit from white-pride wear, and would have continued doing so if it wasn't for the obstinacy of those black corpses in the church. It was impossible for the flag's reasoners and profiteers to say that those bodies and their blood and gore were just overreacting, being jumpy, reading it all wrong because they're so obsessed with race. It took that much violence for America to pull the clothes off the shelf and seriously consider taking down the flag. (Amazon, however, is still making money from white pride.) The Confederate flag is only about the oppression of black people for the purpose of extracting free labor from their bodies. This economy made a lot of white people enormously wealthy, and there was and still is great pride in that achievement. This talk of the flag rising again can only mean the restoration of the economy that made many Southerners rich and many, many more blacks miserable beyond belief...." see full article

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