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Will Whole Foods Be Able To Survive?

Whole Foods has taken some hits, both financially and PR-related. Will the store nicknamed "Whole Paycheck" be able to survive?

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Will Whole Foods Be Able To Survive?  

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last 24 hours | seekingalpha
Whole Foods Market: It's Still Too Early For A Turnaround - Seeking Alpha
"...Here is when investors should be thinking rationally whether this problem is but a temporary issue. Consumer perceptions of the problem will linger, yet I believe before too long they'll fade away if the company can show some customer savings in revised pricing.That's where the new 365 by Whole Foods store format comes in. The company says the smaller sized store, around 30,000 square feet, will have lower start-up and running costs. Plus, when combined with other cost savings, the return on invested capital should be superior, Co-CEO John Mackey added...." see full article

1293 days ago | forbes
Chipotle Up, Whole Foods Down: The Business of Trust - Forbes
"...In the meantime, Whole Foods continues to fiddle and dissemble. They've been charged with egregious over charging in New York after paying hefty fines in California. They've launched a new program to self-rate the practices of produce suppliers, leading to some Conventional items getting the same rating as some Organics. They continue to use sub-par or not best in class ingredients in prepared foods and, well, there's that overcharging thing.The issues here are price to value and trust in operator. Is this really worth, to me, what they're charging? And are they telling me the whole or real story about what and how much I'm getting? Oh, and when they mess up or miss communicate, how do they handle it?..." see full article

1294 days ago | businessinsider
Whole Foods' future is looking more bleak - Business Insider

"...There were some temporary factors that could have impacted sales such as an earlier Easter that helped the previous quarter and an annual discount day that Whole Foods decided not to repeat this year. But there are a number of problems that could continue to drag down sales, according to analysts.1. New stores are cannibalizing sales from existing locations. Whole Foods has been expanding rapidly, which helped its overall sales grow 8% in the most recent quarter. But some of its new store growth is taking traffic from more established Whole Foods stores, according to Stephen Ward, the commercial director of Columino...." see full article

1294 days ago | thestreet
Whole Foods Founder: "We Do Feel Like We're Victims" -
"...Whole Foods has been doing its best to temper Wall Street's sales and earnings expectations, but so far it has fallen on deaf ears. "For the last couple of years, we have been hunted -- this turns us back into the hunter," explained Whole Foods co-CEO Walter Robb at a June 11 analyst conference on the company's new concept 365 by Whole Foods. The new store concept, which promises to offer a more convenient shopping experience and lower prices than a Whole Foods stores in order to reignite growth, is scheduled to debut in 2016. The company disclosed it signed four leases for 365 by Whole Foods, with the first location poised to be in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles...." see full article

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1295 days ago | online.barrons
Whole Foods Will Ripen for a Rebound - Barron's
"...Whole Foods Will Ripen for a ReboundAfter a disappointing third quarter, the stock's valuation largely ignores the company's growth and brand value.We are maintaining our Outperform rating and lowering our one-year price target to $53 from $65 on shares of Whole Foods Market. Our price target is about 45% above the recent share price. ..." see full article

1295 days ago | forbes
Is This The End Of Whole Foods' Organic Growth?
"...That high growth appears to be waning. Whole Foods shares dropped more than 10% on Thursday morning after poor third quarter earnings results, and are down nearly 30% year to date. The main culprit appears to be an overcharging scandal in the New York City area that had broader effects after the story was picked up across the country.But that's probably just a temporary glitch. The long term problem is more severe: Whole Foods same store sales growth has slowed to its lowest rate since 2009. In fact, the key indicator has slowed down quite consistently over the last 3 years:The problem: Whole Foods was the pioneer of organic, natural food, so it had a tremendous first mover advantage. But other retailers are now catching up. Consumers can buy organic items at many grocery stores now, as well as larger competitors like Target and Walmart...." see full article

1295 days ago | wtvr
Stick a fork in Whole Foods? Shares plunge.
"...Whole Foods has been cutting prices to try and counter its bad reputation for being too expensive. But doing that has hurt its profit margins.Making matters worse, many people STILL refer to the company as Whole Paycheck.It doesn't help that Whole Foods was found in late June to have been overcharging customers for some packaged, weighed goods in New York City.Co-CEOs Walter Robb and John Mackey have apologized for the mispricing and blamed it on human error.During the company's conference call with analysts Wednesday evening, Robb stressed that the company is doing what it can to ensure that this won't happen again...." see full article

1295 days ago | realmoney.thestreet
Load Up Your Cart with Whole Foods Stock
"...Fortunately for Whole Foods, consumers have forgiven retailers for more-egregious offenses in the past. For instance, a December 2014 data breach at Target (TGT) put 70 million customers at risk and weighed on that stock for a time, but the effect proved temporary and shoppers soon returned.The bottom line: While investor sentiment surrounding Whole Foods is very negative right now, I believe the company has an ace up its sleeve with its new small-store concept. While the initiative might take time to play out, I think Whole Foods has a great opportunity to repair its image and reinvent itself...." see full article

1295 days ago | 247wallst
Is This the Death of Growth at Whole Foods?
"...With a share price decline of about 21% so far in 2015, analysts and investors are going to be looking for a big improvement over the prior quarter's numbers. EPS came in right on the consensus estimate in the company's second fiscal quarter, but missed revenue estimates. A company with Whole Foods' history of an earnings multiple above 30 is going to get some poor reviews when that multiple falls into the mid- to low-20s.It also doesn't help that Whole Foods reported comparable store sales of 1.3%. In fact, that sounds more like a traditional grocery chain rather than a high-end chain like Whole Foods.During this quarter, the company has paid $137 million in quarterly dividends to shareholders and repurchased $188 million of common stock.Currently, Whole Foods has 424 stores, totaling roughly 16 million square feet, and expects to cross the 500-store mark in fiscal year 2017. Longer term, the company sees demand for 1,200 stores in the U.S. Note that Whole Foods sees a huge potential for demand but incrementally it only expects to build out about 40 stores a year...." see full article

1295 days ago | fool
Can Whole Foods Market Get Its Growth Back?
"...Even more importantly, investors seem less than convinced about Whole Foods' new concept to appeal to value-oriented millennial shoppers. The company hasn't given many details about the new concept, but many believe that the new stores, dubbed "365 by Whole Foods Market," will be smaller than the typical footprint for a current Whole Foods location. Those who favor the measure argue that a new, smaller Whole Foods offering could compete with the highly successful Trader Joe's franchise and actually lead to further growth, but skeptics worry that a lower-margin option would simply cannibalize sales from existing Whole Foods stores and continue the trend to thinner margins.Whole Foods will also have to keep doing damage control for an attack on its reputation during the quarter. Recently, regulators in New York City found that the company had systematically mislabeled prepackaged products, with labels incorrectly stating the weights of certain items and leading to overcharging of as much as $6 for some items. After initially denying the allegations, Whole Foods had to reverse course and admit that it had made mistakes, and the solution will involve costly training and a promise to give customers any future mislabeled products for free. Nevertheless, for a company that has traditionally relied on its reputation for social awareness, the lapse could be a longer-term problem for Whole Foods to overcome in its efforts to brand itself as the premier grocery store for health-conscious shoppers...." see full article

1295 days ago | fox13now
Stick a fork in Whole Foods? -
"...Whole Foods is a victim of its own success. So now it's trying something else. And Mackey is not even sure how it will pan out.Another analyst asked him if the main goal of 365 was to attract new customers or capture more trips from existing shoppers. It's both. It's both, Mackey said. Although not to quibble with words, we never feel like we can capture any customers. At best, we can rent them for a little while if we continue to create value and service to them. Right now, it looks like Kroger and Costco are renting more of those customers...." see full article

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